Sunday, December 15, 2019


**This is not a sponsored post**

This blog took a while to post, for sure. I bought my Ondule last January! But since I worked in oral surgery for years, there was never really a reason to do my hair since it was always I never got any "after pictures" of the curling wand in action.

Initially I purchased this wand because 1) ads were everywhere 2) I heard that titanium curls faster and better than ceramic and 3) they were having an awesome sale at the time.  Plus the reviews on their website were all great. Since it was such a good deal, the results looked good and my hair doesn't tend to like to hold curl, I thought, "Why not?"

So I purchased my 1" titanium Ondule curling wand. It has 4.9 out of 5 stars!

When it came, it was boxed beautifully and included a glove and instructions of use. 

Nice, durable cardboard box

Everything is packaged up so nicely!

All the contents ( the glove can be used on either hand )
It took me a few months to even try the curling wand out ( again, since my job didn't really warrant me needing to "get fancy" ) 

I also purchased a few hair products that included: Rival heat shield spray and Froze cool toning conditioner. Rival is a nice spray that locks out humidity, gives a light hold, smells great and helps to prevent heat damage. Froze is a toner to pull brass tones out of highlighted/blonde hair ( it does a very good job, but my color has pretty much grown out at this time ) So far, all products have not disappointed.

I used my Ondule yesterday before taking Christmas pictures, so now I can show the results. If you are interested in purchasing from this company, though, read the reviews!...they are super helpful and many girls show their real results. 

I always recommend using the glove; I'm a clutz and tend to burn myself quite easily HAHA

Nice, natural waves...not stiff, can finger through them without problem

Spray some Rival at your roots to help boost volume!
A few days ago I put in an order for the wand stand ( since they do not come with one, just FYI ) and 2 more products. Since I start my new job soon, I want products that help hair care to be a breeze in the mornings. I decided to try Salt + Sea texturizing spray and a new product Extende, which is a leave-in conditioning detangler. 

I have really liked all the products I've purchased so far, and L'ANGE always has *great* deals, including a points program that allows you to get dollars off your purchase. When I ordered this last time, they had a free-shipping day AND I had $10 in VIP rewards.  

And if you use my referral code the deal is you get a $5 giftcard with a qualifying order of at least $25. PLUS, they always have amazing deals that you can keep up-to-date with by following their Instagram or Facebook. 

Happy shopping, ladies ( and maybe gents )!