Monday, September 30, 2019

The Big Vape Debate

The news has been flooded with vape-related illnesses lately. The death toll ( last I checked ) was 13. I'm still a little skeptical to this scare-tactic that seems to have arisen, but let me point out a few articles that I find informative then.

Before I continue on, I've been a vaper for years. When vaping became somewhat popular, I decided to try it out. I used pens with low nicotine levels to help alleviate cigarette cravings. Now, these weren't Juuls or e-cigs ( which I did try at one point but found them to be too harsh ) but actual vape pens purchased at the local vape shops. With flavored "juice" to go in those pens. I knew that I would need to buy and replace coils to keep everything good and to prevent a burnt taste. And that my biggest decision was what flavor/size I wanted at the time. I've never had any issues with vaping in the many years I've been doing it aside from maybe vaping too much at once and getting pleurisy symptoms ( which resolved with some Aleve and slowing down ) 

The style of vape I use: the Aspire Breeze first generation.
So when the news started blaring with accounts of vaping killing people, I was astonished. I knew there wasn't much research done about vapes, but cigarettes have THOUSANDS of chemicals in them, so my thought was that it had to be better than smoking. 

Then it went crazy.

Hundreds of people were hospitalized with pneumonia or other lung troubles. "Popcorn lung" was the new term and the condition that was apparently caused by vaping. My doctor knows I vape; he's had no issues with my lungs.

As of September 27, TIME Magazine wrote an article about CDC's newest findings. It states that THC vaping could be behind these deaths. And that's not talking about regulated, legal marijuana vaping...that's referring to bootleg THC cartridges with "additives" to make the tanks look more full. A paragraph in the article states; "The CDC also said “Dank Vapes” appears to be the leader in a large class of counterfeit brands of vape cartridges with THC that have similar packaging and are easy to buy online and in stores." It sounds like people are going to the internet to save a few bucks and, instead, it's costing them their health and potentially their lives. 

The many types of Dank Vapes

But with all of this media coverage, it is now said that Trump is moving to ban flavored e-cigs/vaping, thus causing hundreds of thousands of people who left cigarettes behind to potentially go back to them. 
So then I think...are we moving to stop the sale of nicotine "juices" because cigarette sales are down? 

Sure, you can think that it's a conspiracy theory and dismiss the possibility. But doesn't it sound quite sudden? Hundreds of people are now "getting sick" from vaping when many have done it for going on a decade. Something is going on. Something is being added to the cartridges that the FDA hasn't approved and it's killing people. But since one thing hasn't been pinpointed as to the cause of the illnesses, we are now being urged not to vape anything. 

Medical marijuana growers have come out by the dozens with statements that their products are run through vigorous testing to ensure the safety of its users. But will it prevent patients from purchasing their medicine now?

Vaping was supposed to be a healthier alternative to smoking, and yet here we are. But what I don't want to see is a bunch of ex-smokers lighting up because of this vaping outbreak. 

I am eager to see more statistics and articles about exactly what is going on with the vaping community and the precise cause of this problem. Until then, though, I'm going to keep vaping. Because I'd rather that than go buy a pack of cigarettes...