Friday, September 6, 2019

Work Ethics vs. Age Groups

They say that "my generation" is lazy. That we are privileged and don't know how to work for things; that we are sensitive and want special treatment. I beg to differ.

It's not a generational thing.

I know of many people my parents' age or older who would rather live off of disability compensation instead of work. 

I know people 10 years' my senior that state that "they've been doing this for so many years" ( whatever job I work at the time ) yet they are the ones avoiding work at all costs; playing on their cellphone, bullshitting with other coworkers, the nines.

And I know people my age or younger that are lazy AF and have no desire to put forth effort to be a good employee. Saying what they want, disappearing for long periods of time, etc.

Age does not discriminate against pure laziness.

I'm considered, apparently, a "millennial". I still don't know how or why, but I feel like if you were born in the 80's you are NOT a millennial. In either case, I've actually had my current boss make a comment about my work ethic being admirable amongst my peer group. Honestly, I feel my work ethic should be admirable PERIOD

I am compassionate, use logical thinking skills, can easily adapt/go with changes, think on my toes, I listen, I take criticism, I do what I'm told with little argument, I don't constantly gripe ( hell, I barely talk most days if I don't have to! ), I ( try to ) stay out of the drama, I only speak up when I feel I have to, I come in on time, I leave on time/don't "milk the clock", I'm almost ALWAYS doing something. 

Yet, age groups above me get praised for pretty much just showing up while I must "prove myself to others" at any job I get simply because of when I was born/how old I am. 

My biggest gripe, though, is preferential/unfair treatment. 

I don't care how old you are or how well liked you are...if you are dicking around, something should be said. I get chastised if I'm not proving myself worthy all. the. time. Don't feel like talking? I'm copping an attitude. Sitting down because I ran around like crazy all morning? I'm not doing my job. Checking my phone even when it's work related? I better get off my phone and start working. Yet, any other age group seems to get away with whatever. 

It is not my age that's a problem.

Just because I'm in my early 30's doesn't mean that I should have to be top of my game constantly just to PROVE something.

I know I work hard. I'm an asset to any job that I take pride in. I do my very best and try to be easy to work alongside. But I have eyes, people...I see when people are "taking it easy" while I'm running around like a crazy person. I see when people are on their phones and people just walk by, paying no mind ( then I do it and get an ear full for it ) I know when people twist my words to try to bury me because they love drama/hate everyone. 

Your age shouldn't dictate whether you are accountable for your actions or not. 

And age doesn't dictate whether you're just a shitty person or not. 

I take responsibility for pretty much everything I do. If I mess up, I say so. But being targeted because of the year of my birth is bullshit. Don't get mad at me for seeing injustice and unfairness and being mad about it. I have every right to be! Experience doesn't mean someone is good at what they do or how they do it. Having a personal relationship with someone doesn't mean they are a good worker. Being a nice person doesn't make you good at your job. 

"Well Jenn, life isn't fair..." Well everyone, that's a buncha shit. Don't play favorites, call it like you see it, treat everyone the same ( same consequences, same advantages ), don't be blatantly obvious when you DON'T treat people the same, refrain from being friends with your superior/inferior because it sways decision-making, and for fucks-sake admit when you mess up! Oh and the biggest one: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND DO YOUR OWN JOB.

I really don't see what's so hard about any of any age you choose to pinpoint. Your age/generation does not dictate who you are as a person, your goals or your attitude...only YOU do that. 

Just sayin'........