Thursday, August 15, 2019

Coryn is Mine!

Yesterday, I bit the bullet...

...I paid off my car.

This was my first car payment ever. Originally, my grandparents had gotten me a '96 Geo Prizm in high school. This was to allow me to get a job. I was told I needed to only pay the insurance monthly. 

That car lasted me 9 years. 

Then in 2013, when my car needed work that would cost more than the vehicle was even worth, I decided to have my dad come with me and I bought my current car.

Since my credit was good, I was able to extend my loan so that my monthly payments were around $200...not bad, I know. I didn't get anything fancy like navigation or push-to-start; I just wanted basic and reliable.

Well while I was in Texas, M&T Bank sent me my bill with a payoff balance. I sat on it for a few weeks, deciding if it was worth the extra money/one less bill a month. And last night, when I got home from work, I called M&T and made my very last payment of $2088.37. 

It gave me a mini heart attack ( I don't enjoy spending large sums of money all at one time like that ) but now, I have one less worry a month and my car is MINE. 

I have no desire to upgrade. I have no desire to get another car payment. I run my cars until they can't run anymore. I've had 2 vehicles in my life and I feel like if you've got a good thing, be grateful and leave it be. 

Also, this should hopefully boost my credit score. Less debt-to-income ratio. 

So yeah, just me updating about myself "adulting" and such. NBD. 👍