Sunday, April 28, 2019

DoorDash Came To Carlisle!


I came home yesterday to a flier in my mail for DoorDash, and I was like, "Wait a second..." so I searched their website with my zip and...WE JUST GOT DOORDASH!

So if you don't know what DoorDash is, it's a food delivery service. They will pick up your food at any of the participating restaurants in your area and deliver it straight to your door. I guess Harrisburg has had GrubHub/DoorDash/UberEats for a good while now but it's new to the Carlisle area. I was always having to order from the same 5 places if I wanted anything delivered, which kinda blew. 

Getting on the app yesterday, I could see the handful of restaurants that work with DoorDash and I was super excited to see Carlisle Thai, Aya Steakhouse and the GMAN on that list.

 My flier offer was $5 off an order of $15 or more, and when you sign up now you get 30 days of free delivery. It looks that most restaurants in town have a $1.99-3.99 delivery fee usually, and your cost will also include a service fee ( like most delivery apps include now ) So the first restaurant I tried was Chipotle.

Apparently some Chipotle's offer delivery, but unfortunately Carlisle's does not. So the app works as such:

You load the app and check out the restaurant you want to order from. Once selected, you can review the menu for the food you want to order. You pay the restaurant directly through the app and they will start to prepare your food. A Dasher will then take approve your pick up and head to the restaurant of your choosing. Since the food has already been paid for, the Dasher picks up the food and delivers it straight to your door. It's helpful because there are few select restaurants in the area that offer delivery--so you're pretty much left with Pizza Hut/Dominoes/Papa Johns and a few random restaurants here and there. After a long day at work and you just don't feel like cooking or going anywhere, DoorDash is a great alternative.

If you'd like to try the app, you can follow my code to get $7 off your first order when you sign up. I've used the service twice so far ( as of Sunday ) and I'm very pleased with it thus far. And hey, it never hurts to try!