Monday, October 1, 2018

The Big Legalization Debate

Anyone who has spoken to me on the topic already knows my stance on the legalization of marijuana: I am completely for it.

Here...are my reasons why.

1. I feel like legalizing the medicinal use of pot would help against the opioid epidemic.

Having an alternative to pain management is ideal. Especially for those with chronic pain conditions. It's rare that you see someone becoming hooked on pain meds simply because of a short-term condition ( ie. broken leg, wisdom teeth ) so those with chronic health problems/fibro/etc would have something that is far less harmful and addictive than painkillers. Plus, you can not overdose on weed

This article on explains the opioids vs. cannabis debate for chronic pain.

2. Cannabis has many beneficial medical factors.

Business Insider wrote an article explaining "23 Health Benefits of Marijuana" and some of them I didn't even know! Of course, chronic pain was on the top of the list, but so were:
-Dravet's syndrome

In addition, the article states that there have been studies suggesting that marijuana can help people cut back on drinking, can sooth Parkinson's tremors, lessen side effects of chemo and Hep C treatments and even help eliminate nightmares.

3. It's not always about "getting high".

If you know anything about weed, you know that THC "gets you high" and CBD is the chemical that helps alleviate pain. CBD does not get you high, so when children with seizure conditions ( or pets, because CBD is a wonderful natural alternative for animals, also ) take the medications, they are not getting that head-in-the-clouds, laughing-at-everything feeling that people associate with cannabis.

If you still don't fully understand the difference, you can read this article to see why THC gets you high and CBD doesn't.

4. There would be laws and rules in effect for recreational use.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal, but how many people in a day do it? 

How many alcohol-related deaths are there a year? Well, the CDC states that "29 people in the US die a day from alcohol incidents" so that's about one every 50 minutes. 

And just like with alcohol, if you would get pulled over for being under the influence of marijuana, the laws would still apply. But why is it "OK" for people to drink and drive, but OMG we can't make pot legal, it will be detrimental to everyone on the roads! ? 

5. It's not really addictive.

There is a very low percentage of addiction with marijuana ( just 9% of its users per NIH ) Psychology Today wrote an article on the topic and the last paragraph states: 

"So, to wrap up, is marijuana addictive? For most people, no. About 10% of recreational users will develop problems serve enough to impair their work and relationships. Many more will come to depend on pot for relaxation and social purposes. This will be problematic if they don't learn more effective coping mechanisms and come to rely on marijuana instead of solving their problems. When ready, most people will be able to quit with only mild withdrawal symptoms. And, compared to other recreational drugs, marijuana is relatively harmless. But, it is not completely harmless. And...what is more serious than its addictive consequences are the legal ones. This relatively harmless herbal plant is unregulated and illegal in the U.S."

Personally, if I had the option to take a cannabis capsule for nausea/headaches/pain/etc. instead of an over-the-counter or prescription drug from Big Pharma, I would in a heartbeat. If it helped, I'd be on it. 

Marijuana is from the Earth and is natural medicine...and the only real reason there is such prohibition of the plant is because back when it was discovered it could've taken the place of numerous things in life: paper, fabric, medicine--thus putting such business out of work. It was also a cheaper alternative. And now, weed puts Big Pharma at risk of losing money...which I feel is the real reason that we are still fighting for legalization.

PA is coming up in the world, but how far are we going to get? What are your opinions of the topic of marijuana and legalization, either medicinally or recreationally?