Sunday, September 23, 2018


If you don't recognize that quote, it's by Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin...the famous waxing scene.

Why is it relevant? Because I got waxed for the first time this weekend! 

Being a newbie to the waxing thing, I was very nervous to do so. I mean, they pull out your hair from the most sensitive parts of your body with hot wax. Who wants to do this shit?! Well, due to personal reasons and recommendations from my doctor AND my best friend, I decided to "nut up" and give it a try.

Since I've been contemplating this for a few weeks, I did allow the hair to grow to the appropriate length they require for waxing ( 1/4" or the length of a grain of rice ) I made sure to also do some research. I didn't delve TOO deep into the world of Brazilian waxing as to not scare the shit out of myself, but I did read a few testimonials and tips prior to waxing.

I also decided to go to European Wax Center since they have one locally. A few of the reasons for that decision was 1) availability-I had off on Friday and I happened to look and saw that they had a few openings for that day, 2) cost-if I went to a local spa, I was going to pay another $15-20 dollars for the service and, 3) the name says it all-they only do waxing...all day, everyday. So I booked my appointment conveniently online and viola!...I had an hour to get ready and get there.

I'll admit: I was super nervous the closer I got. I took a preventative Ativan to help calm my nerves, because I knew the more tense I was the more it was going to hurt. But I was on a mission to get this done, and I have plenty of piercings and tattoos so if I can sit through that, why couldn't I sit through a wax?

I come in the door, give the receptionist my ID and she tells me how the appointment will go: cleansing, protecting, waxing, restoring. She tells me that it's not as bad as I'm probably thinking and that most ladies say it's probably about a 7 on a pain scale. I take a deep breath, check in and take a seat. About 5 minutes later I'm called back.

...and they don't fuck around! You put your belongings, including everything you're wearing from the waist down, in the corner and get comfy ( as you can be ) on the table. From there they rub some cleanser on the hair that they are going to remove, then an oil or some kind of protection serum, then right to work. 

A Brazilian includes all the hair down there unless you ask for some to be left behind. So they start on your pubic bone and work their way down. I will tell you-it's not pleasant. In some spots, I had to do everything within my power to not flinch off of the table. But once you start, you can't really stop, right?! So I let the waxer do her thing and within about 15 minutes I was finished. 

There is an ingrown hair serum you can purchase at the center to apply daily after your waxing, but I also saw online that witch hazel works well, too. I just use coconut oil and so far, no problems.  

Some things I was surprised about:
-EWC doesn't use wax and strips; they use a wax directly placed on the skin that only sticks to the hair and is not to pull away layers of skin when removed
-it wasn't as painful afterwards as I was expecting
-the inflammation went down fairly quickly
-it's crazy to me to not have "razor burn"
-after 2 days, still no stubble!

I definitely think women who normally shave should definitely try waxing at least once. I'm pleasantly surprised so far! Of course, if you have a low pain threshold maybe stay away from it...but you never know unless you try!

And I definitely recommend European Wax Center in Camp Hill! Emily was great and very helpful in easing my nerves. Also, I went in expecting to pay $50 for the service and it was ony $25 since I was a new customer! And if you drop my name as a referral, it can earn me Strut rewards ( or something... )

PS. They wax most body parts, so it doesn't have to just be the nether-region! LOL!