Friday, August 31, 2018

Meet Miss Olivia!

I have a new addition to the Dunn clan.

Meet Miss Olivia Benson Dunn!

The picture I saw was posted on Rye's page
I was looking through Facebook one morning and saw that my vet clinic posted that they had found kittens. I was not seriously thinking about adopting another pet, especially a kitten ( I absolutely hate the rambunctious kitten stage! ) but when I saw her I immediately had to have her. I've always wanted an orange domestic long-haired female and she. is. beautiful. She and her 3 siblings were found dumped in the woods during the week-long rains about a month ago. Dr. Kirmayer's mother in law found them in a box and called him immediately. They dewormed them, fattened them up and tried to tame them as much as they could. I met Mandy and one of the rescue pups Penni at the clinic and met the kitten--and I went home with her not long after!

At first she was very skittish and hid mostly under my entertainment center. But since then, she's blossomed into a very curious and brave little kitten. I told Mallory I was thinking about getting her and that's when she suggested the name Olivia. I added Benson because I love Law & Order SVU ( and yes, I found out shortly after that Taylor Swift's cat has the same name--it was not done on purpose ) 

She's still unsure of Lola but we are getting there. Lola could care less about her, as she's a loner and isn't bothered by other animals. But I'm eager for the day that they are cuddling with each other on a regular basis =)

I can't wait to see the lovey little baby she becomes! *fingers crossed*