Thursday, August 30, 2018

Nifty Thrifty

It's been ages. A shit-ton of shit has gone on between Mexico and now. But I don't want to make that my first "blog back". So we are gonna talk about some awesomefuckingdeals I've gotten over the last few weeks!

I'm a big fan of thrifting. I like to frequent CommunityAid and online consignment-based apps like Poshmark or even eBay! Also, Facebook Marketplace has been an awesome place for scoring deals. I ended up getting a microwave and Keurig for $60 total from a guy in Mechanicsburg!

My first purchase from eBay in a long time was for MarioKart for the Wii. I still have my system and never got the game, and since the Nintendo WiiU and Nintendo Switch came out, I couldn't find any worthwhile Wii games at my local Gamestop. I scored the game ( which looked like it was NEVER played ) and a Wii wheel for $23.50...with $3.75 S&H. So for $26.25 I got all of this when the game itself probably would've sold used and in not-so-great condition from Gamestop for $25. Plus, I got another game for $5 in EUC ( aka. Excellent Used Condition ) from another eBay seller.

After that find, I decided to take a look at handbags on eBay and found out that Goodwill of Silicon Valley lets you have the ability to shop their high-end donations online! I bid on a gently used Kate Spade handbag and ended up winning it for $42 with $6 S&H! When I received it, the quality was even better than I expected--it looked like the bag had never been used!

Then yesterday I realized that it was the last day for me to use my $5 anniversary rewards with Kohls, so I got on the app and took a look around. I happened to have a 40% off purchase coupon in my Wallet! I found a super cute pair of slide-on booties for $20.99, but with the discounts came to the low price of $9.59! I paid almost as much just to ship the shit! But even with shipping it's less than $20 which is less than I would've paid for the shoes alone!

A little research and patience can go a long way. I got a really nice set of couches from Sofa's Unlimited for a grand total of $596...that's for a love seat and a sofa. I got 5 brand new couch pillows from someone I graduated HS with for $20 when I saw she had them on Facebook.  I asked online if anyone had an iPhone for sale because my battery was shot--got an offer to buy a red 7 Plus for the amount they'd get for trade-in ( the cheapest I'd score a phone like that ) I got some great steals shopping at Ross for household essentials, but that's always a given. But it's true that the best way to keep your money is to spend it wisely when you do. And to use your resources!

Where are some places where you've gotten good deals? What consignment stores/apps are your favorite? 

And as always: ya girl be ballin' on a budget 😉