Sunday, May 13, 2018

Viva La Mexico

We got back on Friday but I've had a rough weekend emotionally since then. But since I'm feeling a wee bit OK today I thought I'd blog about my trip.

We flew Delta on the way in and I was impressed by the airline. We had individual televisions so I watched Ingrid Goes West on our way. Very odd movie--not what I was expecting. I was a tad anxious but it was a fairly smooth trip. No turbulence and the landing was nice. On our way back, we flew Spirit. It was not as good of a flight. Of course, it's cheaper to fly that airline ( but in all honesty, I think we paid just as much to fly Delta there ) but checked baggage was fucking $50 and the seats were shit. We had a rocky ride home and it was delayed by, like, 30 minutes. We finally got to my house around 9-9:30 PM.

View from our window

Our room

Anyways. Since Mexico is an hour behind us, we got to our room around 2:30 PM their time and immediately put on our suits and went down to check out the pools/water. I'm a travel virgin, so seeing the clear Caribbean waters took my breath away! It's like a saltwater bathtub of gorgeousness. We snapped a few photos and then went upstairs to lounge around a bit before dinner. We just decided to go to Coba, the buffet, on the first night. 


Dippin' my toes in the Caribbean

Day 2 we mostly spent poolside. We saw some dude trying to finger his woman's asshole in the pool ( I didn't see it personally, but I saw the aftermath ) We also met a girl who was alone because her friend wasn't coming in until later that day, so we invited her to hang with us until she arrived. Unfortunately, we think that she and her friend later stole from us so...not cool. I'm out a Lularoe Lindsay I was using as a coverup and Mal is out a pair of Tommy Hilfiger sandals. C'est la vie. We ended up trying out Hippy Chic and Moonlight that day ( meaning we had 2 lunches so, that evening I didn't feel very well ) Hippy Chic was more American food like hamburgers and chicken nuggets, while Moonlight was Italian. I had the best Hawaiian flatbread pizza there O.M.G. 

That pizza was to die for!


Day 3 is the day I'm pretty sure we both got pretty hammered. Haha. Todas las cervasas!! We met a very nice couple from Canada with whom we spent a good part of the day talking to in the pool. I participated in the toplessness of the resort on this day and we had a grand ole time. I think we went to lay down around 5 PM that day "before dinner" and ended up both passing out until almost midnight! We both woke up still drunk, and since we missed dinner we ended up ordering room service. I had an awesome spaghetti carbonara...then we both crashed again. Then around 3 AM we heard commotion outside of our door. We still don't know what happened...if someone was drunk and disorderly, they were foreign and we just couldn't make it out, someone fell...but Mal checked through the peephole to see a guy being escorted by security!

Before dinner

Selfie in my new romper get-up

Day 4 we, again, hung by the pool. We ended up going to Moonlight for dinner and then went to Kinky Nightclub to see what that was all about. Well, they ended up having karaoke that night and oh Lord was that fun. I did not participate because I was just a little too drunk to sing in front of a bunch of strangers, but this one chick completely KILLED IT with "Ice Ice Baby" and then this little Asian girl went HAM on "Hit Me Baby One More Time..." We stayed for a while but, since we are old, probably dipped around midnight.

Day 5 was normal routine, then we ended up checking out The Box for dinner. It is gastropub style and the food was AMAZING! Mallory said it was probably one of the best meals she's ever had. I was very impressed by it. It's a small restaurant with 4 courses so it was first-come-first-serve, but we got there early enough that we had no issues.

Shrimp with blackened tempura was dinner at The Box

And then Day 6, our last full day there, we kinda both just took time for ourselves. I read in a cabana by the Hidden Pool for a majority of the afternoon. I ended up not using as much sunscreen the last day which was a poor idea. My tattoos now have sun poisoning and I'm trying my hardest not to scratch them. Anyway, I stopped for sushi for lunch and then met up with Mallory. We swam a little bit, then headed back to the room to relax until our dinner reservation. We finished our trip eating at the Japanese fusion place Sakura Sunset. The food was yummy and the atmosphere was marvelous. 

The Hidden Pool

Lunch at Sushi Bar

After dinner shot post Sakura Sunset ( our last night )

We left the hotel on Friday around 11-11:30 and got back to my place around 9:30 was a long fucking day. 

Then this weekend...hasn't been the greatest. Unfortunately, even when on vacation, your problems don't disappear. And depression never takes a vacation so...yeah...

I had a wonderful time at the resort and a great time with Mallory. It was relaxing and chill and, since we aren't in our early 20s anymore, we didn't feel the need to run around like crazy doing things. And with work being crazy and full of unnecessary drama and dealing with horrible depression/my racing mind this winter, I definitely needed a break.

But now it's back to life...the reality that is. There's some things that need changed; I need to get back to the gym, I need to stop eating so much crap, I need to get a better handle on my mental health. And I need a better sleeping pattern because mine is totally off! Haha. 

Luckily, I took tomorrow off. But when Tuesday comes, it's back to the grind...