Friday, May 4, 2018

Daaaaay Onnnne

It's a dreary day in Central PA buuuuut my vacation officially starts today!

I will be spending 7 days and 6 nights in Riviera Maya starting in just over 24 hours!

My New Years resolution for 2017 was to spend less money on objects and more money on experiences. Unfortunately though, Haley got sick and after spending thousands of dollars in vet bills, I did neither. So I made it my goal to save the money up to go on my first ever "out-of-the-country vacation" before the next inevitable disaster arose. After talking to Mallory and searching Groupon, we decided on an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.

Funny story: when Mallory booked the resort, it was listed as "adults-only, all-inclusive resort". After further investigation ( details about the resort itself via their website--which I'll link to this post ) is actually a couples resort! HAHAHAHA! But after reading reviews on Trip Advisor, it seems that many non-couple groups have gone to this location--I'm assuming because of the same type of Groupon deal. 

We will be staying at the Grand Oasis Sens ( I now realize the Sens must be short for "Sensual" given the context ) We have a direct flight of about 3.5 hours straight to the Cancun airport, and our hotel is a 15 minute drive from there. We leave tomorrow at 10:15 AM!

As I type this, Mallory is on the PA Turnpike headed toward me. I'm currently in my bed, in pajamas, snuggling my puggle. Although I would've liked to sleep in a bit longer today, I'm enjoying just relaxing and thinking about the upcoming week.

We haven't really decided on doing any excursions due to, I guess, a bunch of people being kidnapped and killed by the Cartel down there...and, you know, my anxiety. LOL. I would've liked to gone snorkeling in Cozumel but apparently a few months ago a ferry blew up on its way there. But then again, we all gotta die someday! So we shall see what the week has in store, prices and what sounds good.

For the most part, I'm pretty much packed. I need to get a magazine and we are getting mini bottles and snacks. Our plan for today is a trip to Carlisle and getting lunch, along with Sweet Frog ( for her ) and Rita's ( for me ) Then we have mani/pedi appointments at 3 PM because my nails are so grown out and my toes/feet are grosssssss. And Mallory thought it wise to just stay in Baltimore overnight so we don't have to drive to the airport early tomorrow morning. So that should mean discounted daily parking rates, too. So I assume we will head that way shortly after our appointment.

Then one sleep and it's off to Mexico!

I'm very nervous but also super excited. I don't think it will be real to me until I'm on the plane.  

What are the essentials YOU pack for a vacation? Maybe it's something I missed. I gotta double check and make sure I don't forget anything muy importante!

And if you'd like to see pictures of my trip, you can find me on Instagram. My name is crazy_puglady.

Adios perras!