Monday, January 29, 2018

It's A Two-fer!

Clearly I've been lacking in the writing department!...I failed to do my December Birchbox review and NOW, it's almost the end of January and I didn't do this month's, either! *bad Jenn!* 

I'm sitting here drinking the rum and Diet that I so surprisingly came home to and thought, "I should blog". And since I don't really have any topic I feel like covering today, I'm gonna do two reviews-one post! LOL!

December 2017 Box Review  

Love of Color Liquid Shimmer Shadow
For a liquid eyeshadow, I was pleasantly surprised! It dried fast as to not cause those dreadful "creases" that you can get from such a product. I'm uncertain ( and too lazy to look ) at what color I received, but I think it was Peachy Gold--either way, I like the neutral tone and the touch of shimmer that you get from it. Definitely an awesome liquid shadow!

Whish Botanical Primer
I used this primer over the weekend and thought it worked fine. It felt more like a moisturizer when I applied it, so it made it a little easier to disperse evening over my face. It also didn't give me that "dry" feeling that some primers tend to ( aka. Smashbox Photo Finish primer that I HATE ) I don't usually use primers, as I feel like moisturizer is more of a concern than anything. But I was pleased with the product.

Marcelle Ultimate Volume Nano Mascara
The brush is rubber and teeny-tiny with works great for the corners of the eyes! The only downfall is that I don't feel like it holds much of the actual mascara for application--I felt like I needed to put in back in the tube multiple times to get an adequate amount.

NuFACE Prep-N-Glow Cloths
I got 2 of these and have used one so far. I really liked that it has duel-textures for scrubbing and make up removal. I felt like when I used the exfoliator side that it really wiped away the dead skin and made my face super smooth. 

Aveda Thickening Tonic
I LOVE THIS -ISH! On the weekends, I do a few spritzes at my roots, comb and blowdry and my hair looks awesome!! I naturally have flat, straight hair with lots of fly-a-ways. Some days I'm so frustrated that I honestly want to shave my head. But I really like this product. My hair feels ( and looks ) fuller and I feel like my hair is smoother and not so...crazy...when I use the product. I really like this one, and it was my favorite product in my box.

BONUS!--I got my very first eyelash curler with my December box, as Birchbox included them in all boxes this month! I don't know how I survived without one! 

January 2018 Box Review  

Smashbox Cosmetics Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick 
Again, I'm not certain of the shade that I received but I think it was In Demand...and I actually wore it to work today! I also trusted that it would stay on all day and, for the most part, it did! I actually left the tube at home, so I had no way to reapply. Hahaha! Application is easy and precise with the shape of the brush. I don't usually wear lip color, but I've gotten quite a few nice, nude, matte shades from Birchbox that I've been super pleased with!

DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Single
This color is not a good shade for my skin tone ( I'm thinking it is called Veronica? ) It's more of a yellowish tint, which doesn't look great on a fair-skinned girl who tends to have tints of pink and not yellow. Haha. Meh, you win some and you lose some!

Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo/Conditioner
For one, I was super pleased to see that the shampoo sample was a mini-bottle and not one of those "sample packets". Although, that's how the conditioner came, I don't use conditioner everytime I wash my hair so NBD. But this shampoo smells AMAZING! It does suds up, which I like because then I actually feel like my hair is getting clean. And with the conditioner, a little goes a long way. Unfortunately, the duo in full-size is $56 which is a little rich for my taste.

R+Co BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste
I haven't tried this product yet, but I'm interested to see how a paste will help my hair not look like a greasy rats nest...

Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer
I alternate my moisturizer ( I knoooooooow! ) since I have so many samples, and some are "greasier" than others. This one wasn't too bad. It was light and dried quickly--and didn't cause me to break out soooo...

My last box comes in March, and then it's on to another subscription. I briefly looked into Sephora's box, but I may try a snack box or something along those lines. There are so many different options now that it's hard to choose!

Do you have any box that you love receiving monthly? 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy 2018!!!!

Long time, no write! It's definitely been a while--a little over a month, actually. It was busy during the holiday season between work and festivities, so I decided to write a catch-up blog post. 

Hold on to your skivvies ( JK...I'm not exciting at all... ) 

We went to see TSO perform again on the 15th in Hershey. We ended up going to Applebee's right down the road for dinner prior, and it took us about 40 minutes to get "two blocks" to the Giant Center. I was a little tipsy off their LIT special ( $1 Long Island's ) and then we realized that the show was pretty much the same thing we saw last year. I mean, I enjoyed it either way but it was a rough week at work and I was ready to get home and get to bed.

I temped Abbey with the promise of crab legs to come out for Christmas. I think it may have been the first Christmas I actually spent with her! She celebrated with her mom's side of the family on the 9th and didn't really have plans for XMAS day, so she drove out and spent the night and we feasted on crab legs and such. It was nice to have her over for the holiday. Since Carol is pregnant and also hates seafood, and dad has gout and can't EAT seafood...I enjoyed having one of my family members there for the evening.

Buddy has been with us since Christmas Day. Nate's dad had him for a few months and ended up not really wanting a dog, so now Nate and I are "fostering" him. Being a part of rescue, I see how hard it is to find homes for "senior" dogs ( Buddy is estimated to be 10 ) I don't want this poor boy to not be loved during his final years, so now--he's ours. He's either a Great Dane or Mastiff mix, he's super chill and lazy ( how I like them! ), easy going and just an all-around good boy. He wants to mark but it's getting less frequent. I'm thinking about getting some Belly Bands to keep his peepee at bay.

On the 30th we had our office holiday party at Hollywood Casino. The boss took us to Final Cut Steakhouse for dinner! I didn't get steak, though; I opted for the scallops with crab mac and cheese. It was delicious! Then we hit the floor with a $10 voucher and a contest for who could win the most off of that. I lost all of mine, unfortunately, but Nate got money out and we took turns playing the ticket. All-in-all we only walked away with an $8 loss. 

Last Saturday I got a new tattoo! I have been talking about this one for almost a year now and finally decided to make it happen. Dust at Ego Ink did this for me and I absolutely love it! I was going to get it on my calve but last minute decided to put it on my left thigh, and I'm glad I did. As funny as it sounds, every time I go to the bathroom I get to see it and I like that I can. Plus, I imagine the back of the leg hurts like a sonofabitch

Lastly, per a previous blog post, I mentioned about the "thankful jar"--I put my first sheet in this weekend! I made it a point to put it on the entertainment center with pre-cut sheets of paper in a bowl. I want to put one in at least once a week, unless something extra happens that I'm pleased by. Although I didn't really set any "resolutions" this year, there are some things I hope to accomplish: take a trip with Mallory to somewhere exotic and out of the country ( since I've never been ), eat better and get back to working out more regularly, and to not let the attitudes of others influence my own so much/learn to be more optimistic and not so pessimistic. I think the first two are attainable, but the latter is going to be the hardest. 

I've decided, also, to flip-flop my therapy sessions between my old and new. I really miss talking to A, even if it did feel like "paying for a friend". I didn't realize how beneficial it was for me until I stopped seeing her. Today was my first session back with her and it felt awesome

I did get a December Birchbox that I did not review ( ...clearly ) but I'll make it a point to post about it here shortly. My January one is already on its way! Eek!

My birthday is two Sundays from now...but 31 isn't that big of a deal...

Well I hope that all of you had a great holiday and a happy New Year, for sure! I'll try to make it more of a priority to get on this thing and write a tad more often. Now that things, and life, seem to be slowing down a bit I will hopefully do so!

Tata for now!