Saturday, November 18, 2017

Pop's Outlet

Until earlier this year, I had never heard of Pop's Outlet. My sister actually told me about it and sent me an event invite via Facebook for it. Apparently, though, it's been around for years.

My sister originally found it when she was living on her own in Dillsburg many moons ago. Yesterday was the second time that I went, this time with my friend and fellow thrifter, Mandy.

So what is Pop's Outlet?

I took this from their Facebook page:

Pretty much a shit-ton of people show up at a warehouse and get to look through dozens of boxes of "overstock" artwork, framing, lamps, bedding, throw pillows and furnishings. Like any other thrift store, you have to have patience and time because there's much to look through. Also, the crowds get fucking crazy. Last night we could barely walk through to see things, but she went again today and said that it wasn't as bad.

Pop's does this sale a few times a year. It's usually a Friday in the evening and then the following Saturday morning. By Friday, most merchandise is swiped but they actually unbox another entire load for the next day, so if you didn't find it on Friday you just may on Saturday. Mandy texted me a picture of a pug canvas she'd found and grabbed me that totally WASN'T there yesterday. So they pretty much re-stock a ton of other stuff for the second day of the event.

Last time I went was in April. Since it was my first time and it was so busy, I only got a few things: a large floral canvas ( $15 ), a chocolate lab picture for Nathan ( $3 ) and the two shell pictures for my bathroom ( $2/each ) But the canvas is HUGE and hangs in my kitchen now, so the price for everything...a whopping $22!...was quite a steal. Even at Ross, you're not really paying less than $10 for wall decor.

My spring haul!

This time around, I spent a tad more, but not much...$27. But my count was more. I bought a lamp for my bedroom ( shade/stand $10 total ),  a seashell picture ( $5 ), a picture for my bedroom that says "do all things with love" ( $5 ), a cute clock for the kitchen ( $5 ) and two unframed prints ( $1/each ) ONE IS EVEN A PUG! 

$12 ( the NYC map is for Mallory )



**BACKSTORY: I saw this lady had the cutest pug print from the table of unframed art. We were talking about how pug people are crazy and we are "crazy pug ladies" as I was searching through, desperate to find a copy of the print. Well apparently, she had found two and she was kind enough to give me the second copy! So that was my "good people still exist" moment of the day AND now I can find a pretty thrifted frame to put my $1 cute-ass watercolor pug puppy in**


So if you're interested in a bargain, especially on home decor, I recommend checking out Pop's Outlet when it comes back around. It's located in Mechanicsburg and is super easy to get to. I just recommend not bringing children or elderly, as it gets super crowded and very hot in the summer months!