Thursday, July 20, 2017

I Call This Blog 'Bitchfest', Don't I?!

So, I'm gonna bitch about what has been bothering me all day today--the incident that happened last night...


Background: I understand that, no matter how much you may love where you live, you unfortunately cannot choose your neighbors. IT FUCKING SUCKS! 

That being said...

Yesterday, Nathan let the two larger dogs ( Haley and Sadie ) out to go potty. While they were out, Nate went to the bathroom also. I was sitting at the kitchen table, painting my nails, when we hear all this yelling outside. Nate looks at me and says, "Who the hell is yelling outside?" My response was, "I have no fucking clue." Well, we shortly figured THAT shit out.

Nate goes out to get the dogs and call them back in...but when he does, he finds out who has been doing all the yelling: it's the neighbor across the street. But you see, it's not even our neighbor--it's the husbands sister who is apparently watching their house while they are away at Knoebels. HERE is where the story takes a left turn:

I start to hear Nate yelling. At first I just sit there, wondering what the fuck is going on. Then I decide to go outside onto the porch. This is where I hear this clearly intoxicated, half-dressed woman state that "your dogs ran out at a lady and her dog and she went off running scared--YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR FUCKING DOGS IN YOUR YARD" She then goes on to tell us that "if those dogs go in my yard you'll be sorry" and "I'm gonna call the cops" She implied that our very loving and sweet dogs were trying to ATTACK these strangers. When in reality, this lady lives down the road from us ( the one apparently "running" ) and she JOGS with her German Shepherd.

So here's where things escalate.

She begins to taunt Nate. She's threatening to call the cops on us ( for what, I'm not sure because she was harassing us first ), she's coming towards Nate in a threatening matter and, at one point, she is literally IN NATE'S FACE yelling at him. He told her that she's lucky that she's a woman as she's screaming in his face and pushing him with her largely-protruding stomach to "go ahead". This goes on for what feels like forever. That's when she says "I have someone else who saw it" and brings out the neighbor, Wendy. 

Wendy is also a neighborhood gossip who loves to stir the pot. She comes out and pretty much implies that our dogs tried to "attack" this German Shepherd and owner. But after a few more screams and low-blows, we all go inside and what's done is done. 

We go inside and I'm fucking pissed and shaking. I tell Nate that I want him to go to the GSD owner's house and ask her what exactly happened. He drives down to her place and asks her about the dogs. Her response when he asked if they tried to attack her dog?: "No way! They just came up to the edge because they were curious and wanted to say hi. My dog is a bit skiddish but he needs to learn to socialize with other dogs, anyway" This is from the "apparently scared" owner...

And if you didn't get it by now, none of this happened on this bitch's "property" ( her brothers--and actually, they rent ) AT ALL!

So now I'm freaking out...because she not only threatened our dogs but also, even though it came out in the completely wrong manner, there was a point: even though WE know that our dogs are harmless doesn't mean that strangers do. 

We've been talking about putting a fence up because Lola likes to run past the property line and then "act" like she doesn't hear me when I call her to come home. I'm very afraid that someone is going to fly down our road and hit her. But NOW, I'm scared that the crazy drunk bitch across the way is going to hurt my dog.

...and Andrew did die suddenly at only age 7...maybe it wasn't cardiomyopathy...

Needless to say, I've been stressed about this all day because 1) my "vacation" next week was intended to be the week we FINALLY paint the house and now 2) we have to plan to build a fence a LOT sooner than anticipated. Plus, it was a little scary to see a side of Nate that I never had before. My anxiety has been through the roof today...

But the major issue with this entire situation is my lack of understanding as to why people must be so hateful and rude?! I just don't get it. We don't bother them. We don't spread lies or cause drama or even look in their general direction. Fifi ( I can't even make this shit up... ) has a vendetta against Nathan for no reason at all and it's escalated into them accusing Nate of killing their cat, accusing us of stealing ANOTHER one of their cats ( in which we found outside and I immediately placed on Find Toby to find it's home *sidenote: she saw us talking to the neighbor diagonal to us about the cat and us carry the cat to Nate's shop but did not once come outside to claim him/tell him he was theirs* ) and now this. It's like the fuckers get bored and just decide to fuck shit up.

We literally have the worst, trashiest, pot-stirring neighbors and once of these days this "pushover" that everyone thinks they can walk all over and say/act however they want to is gonna fucking snap!

So there...there's that...and I guess we're building a fence...