Monday, July 17, 2017

How Do You Prefer Your Eggs?

...well, unfertilized, of course!


The other day we had a patient in the office--beautiful girl, late 20s--and when we asked if she'd ever been sedated before she said she had; she'd actually donated her eggs. Twice. So it got me thinking: if I'm not planning on having children, what about donating my eggs?

My coworker Jim went through the process of getting an egg donation. He actually got a few from the donor. So once the patient recovered and left, I asked him to look into the requirements from the group they used.  I mean, if I'm not using them, why not give them to someone else? Plus, you can make a couple thousand dollars doing egg donations. And the person who receives your eggs ( should ) cover all expenses associated with said donation. 

The first site that Jim and I looked at was ConceiveAbilities, which is based out of Philly. My main concern was my age. Being 30, I didn't really think that I could be a donor anymore. And unfortunately, the cap through ConceiveAbilities is 29. But then I read their list of's as follows:
 -you must be between age 21-29
-have regular periods
-no reproductive disorders
-physically/emotionally healthy ( not sure what they mean exactly )
-BMI of 29 or under
-no nicotine/cigarettes/drugs
-can't be on Depo-Vera
-willing to have a med and psych eval
-willing to use injectable meds
-must commit to at least 6 months
-have to communicate with the clinic within 24 hours of being contacted
-excited to help build a family

Seems like a lot, huh?? And I actually don't fit a few of these requirements.

But then I sit and think that my eggs are pretty much going to waste. Sure, I don't want children--but what about people out there that truly do and can't? Plus, we all could use a few extra thousand dollars for what-have-you. So today, I checked out another group: Shady Grove Fertility.

Shady Grove has an office right here in Camp Hill, PA and has a less taxing list of qualification criteria. Plus, at this clinic I can actually participate. You must be between the ages of 21 and 32, in overall good health with a BMI of 28 or less, non smoker that works or lives within 1 hour of the donation site, with a high school diploma. And there will be some travel restrictions. They also provide this informative chart on the egg donor process:

In their one statistic they say, "On average, our egg donors donate twice receiving $14,500 for their time and effort". Ummmm, WHAT!? I could totally use money like that!

With that, I've been seriously thinking about doing this. 

The only drawbacks are that you must inject YOURSELF with hormones to boost egg production, egg donation ( at least with Shady Grove ) must be done either in one of two clinics in MD or one in Chesterbrook(?), PA, and you must be put under general sedation for the removal process. I don't mind being sedated as I would rather it that way--but I'm not sure I could inject myself with meds in the abdomen for 10-12 days *eek!*

I write about this, though, because the idea can do well for the many people involved. 

For one, you are helping to complete a family. I personally know a few couples who struggle with infertility and it seems those are the people who want children the most. If you can do good for someone else, why not do it? It's like donating bone marrow--it's not a pleasant experience, but it can help someone in need.  

And two, it puts some extra cash in your pocket. Maxed out credit card? College debt? Want to pay off your car loan? $14,500 is nothing to scoff at. Hell, $6,500 after completing one egg donation cycle would pay off my car with a bit to spare!

I just recommend that if you decide to do something like egg donation, do your research first! My cut-off is coming up quick, so my plan is to look further into the idea, see if I can find other blogs or feeds where women discuss their own personal experiences with it and go from there. But seriously, what do I have to lose?! 

For more information on both clinics, follow the links provided above to go straight to each clinics main webpage. And you've ever donated or know someone who did and you'd like to share your story, comment on this blog! I'd love to hear what you have to say!