Saturday, July 15, 2017


I caved. And although I cannot sit there and validate a $54 purchase for such things, I could spare $19.95 in the hopes that it was a good product. That thing I'm talking about? The Revealed 2 Palette by Coastal Scents. Yes, it's an eyeshadow palette.

All those girls who buy the Urban Decay palettes...I don't know...I just can't imagine spending SO much on a collection of eyeshadows. BUT--I don't have very good eyeshadows so, while window-shopping on the Birchbox app I found the 1 and 2 palettes and thought, "What the hell!" I decided to do the reds/purples/peaches instead of the tans/browns/neutrals. 

...I am not disappointed.

I use an eyeshadow primer before application from NYX, which you can get at Target or Ulta. I use the flesh color, even though my complexion is fairer than most. These are my results from my last 3 "looks":

First day: I used more of the peach colors and a "cleopatra eye" ( as Jim called it ) This is after all-day wear
Second day: I went a little darker. These are pinks with a dark, glittery base lid color. More of a night look, for sure, but since I wear glasses it's not as noticeable.

Day three: this was my lazy, Friday look. I only used eyeliner on the bottom of my eye and used lighter shades of brown/peach.

I was actually super impressed by the quality of this collection. I wasn't expecting it to be as long-lasting, easy to apply or flattering. I usually try to do a dramatic eye ( when I even apply makeup--which isn't often ) since my glasses hide my eyes 100% of the time, and this palette has a nice collection of shades to make your eyes POP!

So if you're looking for an inexpensive, quality product...I definitely recommend Revealed by Coastal Scents. If you click the link above, you will be directed to the Birchbox website and you can order directly from there.

Be on the lookout for my July Birchbox review. I received my products and am in the midst of trying them out!