Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Social Media Put-Down

I'm inquisitive by nature; 1. because I'm a girl and 2. because I over-analyze everything! I've always been too smart for my age ( intelligence, yes...I never said I wasn't dense ) and it hasn't always been to my advantage. It drives me crazy at times, and it also prevents me sometimes from leaving well-enough alone...

On average, my blogs usually get about 15 views per post; that isn't a lot. But I hope that the people who do read this will participate at the end of this blog.

I've been thinking for a week now about how some people seem to have it all figured out. So-and-so just bought a new house, such-and-such just installed a pool, what's-his-name just got a new pickup truck, that-girl-over-there got a boob job. People who I thought weren't doing so hot are able to purchase new furniture sets and washer/dryer combos, while me--who thinks I make fairly good money--still sometimes only has so much until next payday. So what's really going on? 

Is everyone just taking out loans and getting themselves into debt?
Are they just really good with their money?
Do their jobs pay better than I'd thought?
What's going on?

I love what I do and I think I make good money for what I do. When I talk to other dental assistants, it's proven. Also along with my pay, I get my benefits paid 100% and I'm matched up to 3% on my 401K. We also get profit sharing quarterly. But then why does it seem like while I still struggle sometimes, others who don't seem to make as much...also seem not to be struggling? 

I briefly discussed this with someone ( I honestly forget who ) a while back and they said that it's all about show, and that people will get loans for tens-of-thousands of dollars just to "keep up with the Jones's". But I don't think that's the only way. Plus, when you don't have money, banks don't want to give how does that even work?

It's one thing to buy an expensive bag every other year, or to save up and splurge on a vacation...but how are some of these people I see going balls to the wall and living "the life" working at Berks & Beyond or some shit...?!

I know it may seem resentful or jealous--and, in a way, I kinda am. Am I doing something wrong? My debt is pretty low. I'm pretty smart with my money. I put into savings every pay. But it's not like my one friend who puts about $2k away every month...that's not feasible for me. 

Social media and society as a whole make us feel some sort of way about how much we make, the luxuries we can afford, our prior educational background and our lifestyle choices. And it fucking sucks. Because the grass IS always greener on social media--always! 

I dated a guy for about a year who was an engineer. He had a college education and a good, well-paying job. I wanted to try the serious thing but he didn't seem like he was into it. So we kept it casual and when I decided to move on, I cut ties. But then I looked back at the behaviors--he never introduced me to any of his friends or family, he was blase about some predicaments like they were "expected of me", and just some of the things he would say. Fast forward a few months later: he has a girlfriend who's met his BFF and his parents. She had a college education. She has an "important" job. Had it not been for the signs, I would've never thought that he wasn't interested simply because I didn't go to a university. But apparently, that's still important to some people's images.

And I can understand how some people want an "equal partner"--someone they don't have to take care of because that person can take care of themselves. But there are others that you see that are doctors or lawyers and they are married to the most expectant people ever. 

Just because someone doesn't have a college education does not mean they don't work hard, spend wisely and take pride in the job that they do.

But does that decision end up screwing us over for the rest of our lives? 

We all want to live comfortably and not have to want for anything...some more so than others. But some people can, and others can't. What dictates that, though? Opportunities? Willpower? Work ethics?

And when we live in a world of Snapchat and Instagram: who boast things like "Rich Kids of Instagram", where teenagers born of wealthy parents brag of their "stack of hundies" and take Boomerangs of their Rolex watches. It makes some of us think, "Why is this not me?"

So it got me wondering...what do the people in my life do for a living? And what kind of living do they really have? Do you have the same problems that I do? Do you still feel that even though things seem okay, they may not be? Do you also compare yourselves to others and their lifestyles? And I decided to make an anonymous survey.

The survey asks 10 questions pertaining to your livelihood. I will not know who you are, just your answers. You don't need to be specific, but I'm curious. Is it easy for you? Do I make a decent salary compared to my peers? Are my spending habits outrageous compared to others? Am I not saving as much? 

I will post a blog about the results at a later a follow-up to this post. 


As always, thank you SO much for reading a little bit about my life, opinions, trials and accomplishments and for being a part of Bitchfest. Please tell your friends about the blog, comment topics you may be interested in, let me know if you've tried anything after my recommendations or reviews, or just say *hi*! 😎

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