Monday, June 12, 2017

Time Flies By

On Saturday, we celebrated my youngest sister's graduation. She officially graduated on Thursday, but the party for her was on Saturday. Born in 1999, she's 12.5 years younger than me ( she's my half-sister: same dad, different mom ) I remember when she was born, changing her diaper, hearing her talk about how boys were gross...all that stuff. And now look at her!
My littlest sis and dad
The party was held at her mother and step-dad's house in Maryland, and Carol's family and I spent the day there to show support and love to this well-rounded recent grad.

She's decided to go to the local community college to get her degree in nursing. She's been taking college courses since her Junior year of high school, so she already has a leg up. Also, she has a great head on her shoulders which I could not be prouder of, so I know she will succeed in anything that she does. 

The weather was beautiful for the event, although a little hot. They had the volleyball net up and the Endless pool open for the kids. Burgers on the grill and ( my favorite! )--baked mac and cheese was on the menu for the day. I had a couple of beers and watched everyone play volleyball, while sitting in the shade.
Abbey with Kurt and her nephew, playing some volleyball

The 3 Dunn sisters

The little one and I
And ironically, it wasn't really awkward at all.

The baby got a nap. We met some of Abbey's friends. Talked with Pam a little. Played with some puppers. It was a good Saturday.

Now, Abbey is currently at Senior Week...but I have no worries--she's a smart girl. She doesn't give into peer pressure and she tells people when she's uncomfortable. I don't think she'll do anything stupid. But if she does, she's a kid--you live, you learn. 

I'm so very proud of the person she is becoming, and I only hope that she continues the path. There's so much ahead of her and she's gonna be AWESOME!