Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Paulus Farm Market

This passed weekend, we went to the cutest little place called Paulus Farm Market. I'd never heard of it, but my sister looked it up for Madilyn's birthday party and it's where she's having it this year. We decided to go on Sunday and I fell in LOVE!

So, it's a cute little country store that sells deli meats, cheeses, canned goods, fresh produce, natural honey, you-name-it. But also, for a $2 entry fee, you can see their actual farm animals! I know, I know..."you can see cows and sheep everywhere in PA!"...but you can feed these ones and pet them, so it was game over from there.

They had pygmy goats with kids ( one I wanted to sneak home with me under my dress ), a sheep and her lamb, a few cows, peacocks, bunnies, turkeys, chickens...normal farm animals. But the goatsssss...oh my Lord, the goatssss! *swoon* 

The male peacock was showing for the female when we first got there, so he had all of his feathers out and you could literally hear the "hiss" of him trying to get her attention. He was very beautiful.

And, of course, Miss Madilyn enjoyed herself. There was a point where the sheep was bahhing so loud that Maddy just started laughing from the gut! It was adorable. 

I love my animals and I love my niece, so all-in-all it was a great day! 💓