Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pura Vida Bracelets

**FYI: this is not a sponsored post, so all opinions are solely mine**

A couple of weeks ago, the office manager at work came in with a bracelet for each of us girls from a company called Pura Vida Bracelets. I had seen ads for the website on Instagram and Facebook, and I may have briefly checked out the page, but I didn't pay much mind to it. But I have fallen in love for numerous reasons. 

When you purchase from Pura Vida, you are giving jobs to hundreds in Costa Rica. Sure, some will say "KEEP JOBS IN AMERICA!" but...guess what?! We are all humans and need to make a living. 

The quality is pretty awesome. I didn't read the description until after Stacy gave me my bracelet, but they are actually 100% waterproof and expandable, too. The bracelets are wax-coated so you can shower, surf, swim, tube or whatever in your Pura Vida bracelet without the hassle of having to take it off every time.

They also work with numerous charities. When you buy specific Pura Vida bracelets, 10% of the net profits are donated to said charity. The one I was gifted was for Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill animal sanctuary that looks to be based out of Utah. Stacy knows I'm a big animal advocate and the gesture made me feel wonderful. Then, this past Friday I decided to check the site out more thoroughly and I ended up purchasing 3 more charity bracelets: anxiety disorder awareness, depression awareness and mental health awareness. 

I also got the wave ring and they gave me the Beach Life bracelet FO' FREE! How bow dat...?

To sum it up, I really like the quality of the bracelets ( they have "fancier" ones, too, but the charity ones are what struck my interest most ) and the concept of the business. 

I think I'm fairly "braceleted out" at this point, but if you want to donate money and still get something pretty from it, go pick out a $5 bracelet for your favorite cause while also getting summer ready!