Sunday, April 30, 2017

Just My MFing Luck

Walking through Walmart this after, I realized that I got fucking fabric color transfer on my week old Coach bag!!! I'm so upset I could cry. And I know what caused it ( even though it looks blue ) was my gray Carly dress that I wore yesterday to Erika's party...ugh.

I've Googled "how to clean vinyl/coated canvas/Coach bags", I called the Coach Outlet at Hershey and I've tried numerous ways to clean off this stain to no avail:

-Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
-rubbing alcohol with a Q-tip
-makeup removing cloth WITH exfoliating beads
-Coach Signature Fabric Cleaner
-fabric/stain remover we got when I purchased the bed
-warm water & Dawn dishsoap
-a white pencil eraser

...and NOTHING!

😢😢😢 If anyone stumbles across this blog and has any tips to un-ruin my bag, please leave a comment below. I love this bag and was super psyched to find the last one in the store last week, and now I feel I've ruined it forever. One blog I read said that if the stain gets between the plastic coating and the canvas, it's pretty much impossible to remove...I'm so irritated I could cry.

...and this is why I can't have nice things...😞