Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Down Days

If you have clinical depression, you know alllllllll about "down days". Unfortunately, today is one of mine.

The weather is dreary, I have cramps because it's "about that time", I woke up later than I'd wanted, and just the atmosphere is very...blah...today.

It's like when one shitty thing happens and then it just spirals into everything being shitty.

So what do I do to combat these feelings?
...I keep to myself.

It's not anyone's fault; it's my own mind and my own issues. I find it better to just be quiet, do the tasks that need done and then check out for the evening. And sometimes...I just don't want to talk.

Some healthy ways of fighting these blues would also include:

-count your blessings
-do something that you enjoy/makes you smile
-talk to an old friend
-eat a favorite snack
-retail therapy aka. TREAT YOSELF!

But sometimes, you just wanna wallow...and girl, that's okay, too! 

So that's exactly what I'm gonna do!...