Monday, April 24, 2017

Big Boobs & Bralettes

If you are like me and have been (un)blessed with a big chest, trying to find shirts/bras/dresses/swimsuits can sometimes be a challenge.

Not to mention...they are heavy AF! 😒

Well, even at my 38DDD bust, I am in love with these "cage bralettes" and wanted to try them. I wasn't sure what the final verdict would be and, even after buying two, I'm still on the fence. But here are some of my opinions on boobs vs. bralettes.

Bralettes are NOT for practicality.
Girls, they are SUPER cute...but ladies should know they are NOT meant for high-impact. Lace/nylon/non-adjustable straps just scream "please don't run in me". This should be in Boobs 001 as soon as you hit puberty. So, as long as you don't plan to run a 5k, I think you'll be just fine sporting that adorable bralette.

Little boobs win all.
If you know anything about me, I hate my boobs and would like nothing more than to cut them off ( once I lose about 20 lbs ) Of course, when it comes to low-impact bras like bralettes, they are best for little boobs. They have little to no support, don't show sag and are super flattering on the thin and flat(ter) chested. But I'm not saying that big-breasted babes can't rock these...yet. 

You GOTTA make sure it fits right.
When it comes to bralettes, they go by sizes like S, L, XL...they aren't cup/bust sizes. So when you choose one of these lingerie-type bras, you have to make sure that it's tight enough around the ribs to stay up...but also LARGE enough in the cups to cover your tits. Bt you also don't want a bra that's cutting into your back and making you look like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Good luck's a challenge.

Some of the ones I've seen, especially at Forever 21, are just nylon and spandex...meaning total. nipple. show. So if that is not the look you are aiming for, find a bralette that has extra padding in the cups or a removable pad.  

The other day, I decided to look online for the best options to get a caged bralette and the top two I found for the style and price I was looking for was: Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Now, I have a really hard time finding standard-sized tops when my girls are so large, so my biggest struggle is that I need a plus-sized cup but I'm only a 38 bust...thus making most "standard plus-sized" too large around my ribs. This is ESPECIALLY hard when trying to find swim tops, but that's a whole other story.

Well, Forever 21 has a plus-sized webpage but, unfortunately, they do not carry larger sizes in their local store. But after reading some of the reviews and even stopping into my store, I found that they were not what I was looking for.

Then I tried Charlotte Russe, knowing that my mall has a small plus-sized section. I looked online first to see what they had...but the true challenge was if they had it in the store or not. Well, they did!...and I scored one in each color: black and white.

With a 20% discount, I got both colors for $16. Of course, it's still money...but at least if I hated them, I didn't spend $30-some on each of them, ya know? I got them in a 1x/2x size ( the smallest size they had in plus )

Anyways, they give me NO lift. Although they fit AWESOME and aren't too tight and aren't too loose, in some tops...they just aren't flattering. Honestly, I should give two-fucks less what people think if my boobs are "saggy" or not and just worry about comfort, but when I don't have much lift and they don't look good in a shirt...I feel they make me look even bigger than I am.  

They have removable padding thus keeping my nips from showing. Always a thumbs up for that!
The straps are comfortable, but a little too thin for someone with such a large chest. But they don't cut, thank God.

All-in-all, I will say that I love bralettes simply for the comfort factor. I love the caged detail but...I think with a chest-size as large as mine, it's easier to find a cami with the caged accent and wear a real bra underneath it rather than buy a bralette. 

Unfortunately, I think bralettes are for the small chested and I just don't fit the bill =(