Monday, April 17, 2017

HOPPY Easter!

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday weekend! Here in South Central PA it was gorgeous, with mostly sunny skies and lingering in the low 80s ( plus that breeze! ) It was definitely a beautiful day.

Saturday was also quite gorgeous. The Newberry Peddler's Market had a food truck event on Saturday, so Carol, Maddy and I went for lunch and Maddy saw the Easter bunny. And the rest of the day I was just a fat piece of shit. LOL. We went to the Silver Lake for dinner, and then I headed down to the neighbors for drinks and some Cards Against Humanity.

I was happy that Nathan had off of work Sunday...even though there was a slight mix-up where, even after numerous conversations about the day, they still put him on the schedule...=/ In either case, he did NOT have to go in.

So we both got ready and went to my dad's around noon. I got to see his new(er) place and spend some time with him. We still have not resolved our "conflict" but I thought I could put things aside for the holiday. My sister told me some promising stuff about said situation, but I won't believe it until I see it.

After our visit we ran to Walmart for some last-minute essentials for the week ( ie. bananas, milk, yogurt ) and we picked up a dessert for Easter dinner. 

Like last year, we went over to spend the holiday with Grandma Tutie, Deb and Eric...but this year we had Sara's family over, it was a very large group of people. The kids had their annual Easter egg hunt and I got plenty of pictures. Stuffed full of food and 3 bottles of water down ( I'm such a party girl ) I was ready for bed around 7:30, HAHA! 

It was a good day with beautiful weather and lots to eat. It could've have been a more perfect Easter!