Saturday, April 1, 2017

Written In Ink

I haven't written in a while, so I was contemplating a topic to write about. I decided on the origins of my ( numerous ) tattoos. Why?...people ask. And I have a lot, so this is an outlet where I can go over them all at once.

So here, in no particular order, are my explanations:

The Bumblebee

The bee tattoo on my foot is actually a design that I drew. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision between and old friend, Megan, and I. We were at the GMAN one night when we were discussing wanting a new tattoo...and we happened to know a guy from school that tattooed out of his house ( yeah, I knowwww ) Well, we hit him up at like 1 AM and he told us to come on over, so we left the bar and drove to his house on the outskirts of Carlisle. A few hours later, we had matching foot tattoos. Since then, the yellow has faded and some of the design has spread...and our friendship has ceased...but I really don't want another tattoo on my foot. Maybe I'll change my mind someday, though. 

The Mustache

Another whim tattoo is my finger stache. My friend Meg, an old friend Ashley and I decided to drive to Shippensburg to get finger tattoos for $25. With us being obsessed with all things containing mustaches AND as a "friendship" thing, we took off on a Friday and did the damn thing. I've had a few people ask me why I would do that, but has a story and I don't regret it. Plus, it's fun to use for pictures! 😎

The Tooth

For my second time attending 717 Day at 717 Tattoo in Mechanicsburg, the flash had a tooth! I couldn't pass it up since I am a dental assistant and work with teeth daily. I put it on my wrist because it's hard to find a place where small tattoos look okay...but it's also a great conversation piece with patients at work!

The Mechanical Heart/"All You Need Is Love"

Okay, so this tattoo started as simply the two adjoining hearts on my wrist that, again, was a design of mine. Unfortunately, my "friend"/"artist" at the time ( I say both loosely ) clearly did not understand that my drawings were ideas ONLY and that I wanted him to spruce them up to make them look better. Well, I decided later to add one of my favorite quotes/Beatle's songs to the design and he totally fucked up the alignment. I was young and dumb, and cheap. So to try to fix what was already done, I found a new artist to add the mechanical heart and "tie everything together". The heart is to represent the strength of love and loss; the heart is a machine that keeps on turning, even with a few screws lost. It is to represent perseverance and overcoming heartbreak throughout your life. 

The Hibiscus

In my early 20s it was "the thing" to have a hip tattoo, so I found a cute hibiscus outline that I wanted and had the crap-guy do it. I will eventually cover it up...maybe...but I think it was one of my most painful spots to be tattooed. Plus, I don't think I'll be showing my stomach much anymore these days. So for now, it stays.

The Trio of Stars

Yet another design I made that wasn't fixed before putting it on my body, it is to represent myself and my two sisters.

"Everything Is Impermanent"

My favorite quote from my favorite book "Tuesdays With Morrie", it's pretty much a classier way of saying 'nothing lasts forever'. The font is disgusting so I'm glad that it's on my back where I can't see it regularly. Plus, with weight gain, it's lower than it it's more of a *tramp stamp* now 😒

The Paw Print

...and Lola's name, it is actually a replica of Lola's "little white foots" to keep with me forever because she is my baby princess pug ❤

The Floral Piece

 I have a half-sleeve that consists of roses and daffodils--my two favorite flowers. I told myself I wasn't going to get this tattoo until I lost weight, but then I thought, "Why must I have such a superficial goal simply to get something I want on my body?" So I said fuck it and got the tattoo, fat arm and all. It's one of my favorites. I would've liked to have had it on my right side but since my thigh piece is on that side, I had to be symmetrical. Haha ( but seriously... )

My Thigh Piece/"The Pin-Up"

 I saw this idea in a flash book YEARS ago but, of course, I wanted it to be mine. I loved the concept, and Cooper made it for me...on the time of my appointment. It's a pin-up sitting on top of the world and luck, money, love and jewels are all incorporated. For a long time, I was very much a hopeless romantic...and "I want it all" ( which is written on a banner around her feet ) Of course, what girl doesn't want it all...but as time moved forward and I put away childish things, I've realized that you truly can't have it all, unfortunately.

The Mandala

 A mandala represents the universe. I am a big believer in what you put out into the universe comes back to you and I also believe in karma. Dust was doing a special on some personal flash that he wanted to tattoo and when I saw this design I fell in love. It was history from there.

The Lock

 As a child, I was also in love with skeleton keys and old door locks. I found them to be beautiful and I loved that skeleton keys could pretty much fit in any door with said lock. I remember running around my grandparents house as a kid playing with the key my grandpa gave me in their very old home. Instead of getting the key I got the hopes to find "the key to my heart" ( tacky, I know ) 

That's all I have SO FAR, but there will probably be plenty more to come. I love body art and self-expression, and I love my tattoos. My next plan is to get an antique mirror with shatters glass and the quote "This Too Shall Pass"

I'll keep you update! LOL.