Friday, March 10, 2017

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I'm not gonna lie--even in 2017, where it's pretty much now the norm, I still get looks of disapproval or disgust because of my tattoos and piercings.

...and I'm not even covered in them!

I notice the change in body language and the way people talk to me because of my appearance. It's not a lot of people, but I notice it especially from people of authority. Whether it be other doctors, men in a suit and tie, or an old grandmother walking her dog. Luckily, I mostly get inquisitions about the stories behind my tattoos or compliments on how "pretty" they are...but there's others that you just can't please.

Again, the ink on my body and the holes in my skin do not dictate the person that I am on the inside. It does not determine my work ethic or my empathy or any of my internal characteristics.

Like I've written before, I once had an interview with a doctor who told me that she didn't like my stretched ears. Yes, I forgot to change them to solid plugs before my interview ( because it was right after work and so, I had had an early day and it slipped my mind ) but...why does that matter? Because she had an "appearance to uphold" and she "didn't think her patients would approve of my appearance". Um, what?! Your patients should approve of how I treat them, not my earrings. I politely declined a working interview a few days later via email...because I would never want to work with someone so narrow-minded and vain. 

But do you know how many medical professionals have tattoos?! Just because you don't always see them does not mean that they aren't there. Your ER surgeon, EMT, nurse practitioner or dentist could have a full sleeve and, if they're wearing a jacket, you would never know. So don't blame tattoos for bad people. It's art. It's self-expression. And it has nothing to do with who the person is as a whole.

Yes, I've been wearing a hoop in my nose. I usually change it over the weekend and then change it back to a stud for work. But I forgot come Monday and my boss didn't say anything about it negatively. So, guess what?...I didn't change it. As others come in and out of my office ( patients and colleagues alike ) I hope they realize instead of judge that my doctor realizes my ethics over my appearance. No, I'm not conventional...but I take my job seriously and I treat our patients with respect and empathy. I genuinely care. That's what he sees...not just the fact that I like body art and holes...

Slowly, but surely, body modification is becoming less of a "shock" to others, but it's still very taboo to certain social groups and ages. I wish it weren't the case, but it is. 

I don't have tattoos on my hands, my face...I don't have a naked lady on my arm or half a dozen facial piercings. I feel that what I show is tasteful and attractive and not a distraction to most. 

I know I cannot change people's minds on this topic; people are going to think as they see fit. All I can ask is that you don't judge a book by it's cover...please...

Go Home PA, You're Drunk!

So yesterday was a gorgeous day!; although a little breezy, it was 66* and sunny all day. Unfortunately I was trapped indoors most of the day, but it def helped to brighten the mood.

And now, only a day later, we have this:

...I think Mother Nature is schizophrenic.

This also shows the extent of the "made-up" concept of global warming. It was an unseasonably warm February here in South Central Pennsylvania, and now we have snow in March ( even though that isn't too uncommon ) But we won't go into that...

From my understanding, it's been snowing since early morning and it's still coming down. I'm unsure of how long it is to last, but luckily it does not seem to be sticking to the roads. I have no issues with snow as long as I am still able to drive in it; a little Toyota Corolla does not do too well in icy/slick conditions.

And apparently, it's not going to let up from here. The weekend doesn't look too promising, either.

Just look at this 10-day forecast!

We also may get up to 9" on Tuesday!! 😨

So everyone here in the Northeast...stay warm and stay safe! I guess it's good Netflix and chill weather, huh? LOL!