Wednesday, February 15, 2017

St. Valentine's Day

In my younger years, Valentine's Day was a day where I expected to be spoiled and given lots of gifts and proven of someone's "love" with things. Luckily I've grown up from that.

V-Day fell on a Tuesday this year ( bummer ) so me, like most of the US, had to work. I went to Giant during lunch and saw men everywhere picking up flowers and/or cards. It was a madhouse of last-minute shoppers...

Nate and I briefly discussed the "holiday" on Monday and decided that we didn't want to go out to dinner because of how busy it would probably be. We didn't buy each other gifts. But Nate offered to make dinner so I told him I wanted some steak ( and we had leftover shrimp in the freezer to steam ) Our night consisted of a few drinks, a steak dinner with shrimp, potatoes and salad, and he didn't work in the shop at all

...I feel like this is Valentine's Day for adults...

He said he was going to buy me flowers, but I saw a man coming out of Giant with flowers and thought, "Man, the flower companies must be OVERLOADED today! I hope people didn't order the day of; that'd be crazy!" He also said he was going to get me some chocolate but he knows I'm trying to be better about what I'm eating and he didn't want to give me temptation. So I appreciated that. 

He did mention getting me a potential spa day here, so we will see.

As we age, though, I think it's more about appreciation and the little things instead of expensive diamond jewelry and over-sized teddy bears. Instead of buying lavish things, he did something small that was actually pretty large: he cooked for me and he spent time with me. That's all I wanted...

I hope everyone had a very nice Valentine's with their loved ones-be it a partner, child or pet. Our pups were having a love-affair all evening:

Awwwww, puppy looooove!