Monday, February 13, 2017

My Favorite Murder

I've never gotten into "podcasts" or talk radio-type stuff, so when my friend and fellow CPAA volunteer Tara mentioned a podcast she thought I'd like, I was a tad skeptical.

I can't quite remember how it was brought up. Oh wait!...yes I do. We encountered this weird-ass woman at our event on Saturday that exclaimed that she has been very involved with PETA and other rights movements...thus leading us into a conversation about women's rights...and how it's not safe to be a woman in this serial our love for true crime shows...

So anyways, she tells me about My Favorite Murder on Feral Audio. Pretty much it's two ladies from the West Coast that talk about their favorite true crime stories. These ladies have "followers" in which they call Murderinos and those followers can also post on their Facebook page their own true crime, hometown murders. 

There are a total of 55 podcasts thus far and I'm currently on #3, but I'm already a fan. It's a little different for me since I'm listening to the stories instead of watching them, but the girls are hilarious and easy to like-so it helps a lot.

Karen and Georgia are both from California and suffer from anxiety disorders, in which they are brutally honest about. Apparently then had bonded at a party over their love for true crime and a friendship formed between the girls. They are crude, sweary, unapologetic and funny as hell! 

It seems each podcast is around 60 minutes long. So far, they seem to keep to the pattern of about 2 murder stories per episode. 

The girls try to, per say, make "light" of situations to help ease their fear of being murdered themselves. Sometimes we have to laugh so we don't cry, ya know? But they surely know their stuff when it comes to true crime. This makes for a very interesting experience. I compare it to a book-on-tape; it's engrossing and you don't have to exhaust your eyeballs...

So if you enjoy real-life stories about serial killers, scorn lovers, and crazy plot twists I recommend giving My Favorite Murder a shot. 

"Stay sexy. Don't get murdered." 💙-an INSTANT Murderino