Monday, February 6, 2017

"I'm Gonna Pop Some Taaaags..."

Against what Macklemore sings, you indeed cannot "pop tags" if you expect to purchase the items; in most consignment shops, if there's no tag--there's no sale.


Even so, you can score some awesome deals at thrift shops even without having to pull tags! Yes, it takes some time ( and a good bit of patience ) but if you look around you can find nice designers, brand new with tags still attached or a major score like this guy

I love to thrift shop, and two of my favorite stores are right here in Mechanicsburg: the Salvation Army on Trindle Rd. and Community Aid on the Carlisle Pike. Both of these stores also participate in "Half-Off Wednesdays" which marks things down even more!

I decided on my birthday that I wanted to do some consignment shopping while Mallory was in town ( since she also loves to thrift ) so, even though it was a Saturday, we went to lunch on the Pike and then stopped at my two faves. I think I spent a total of $22 and I got 2 cardigans, 2 tops and a jacket.

Here are my scores for the day:

Super cute polka dots, looked barely worn. $4.99

LC Lauren Conrad top, $3.99

Super cute sweater cardigan I scored for $4.99!

Express cardigan $4.99

And then, my favorite item out of the bunch was a faux-leather jacket, looked to be barely worn, that I just so happened to find out of the blue:

Since I have dogs, hair gets stuck to EVERYTHING! This jacket is perfect...$7.99!

Apparently, my bill was less at SalvA because one of the color tags that I had was actually half off, so I spent a little less than what I was expecting. 

I think these are some pretty good scores for my weekend adventure. I love to thrift shop because I firmly believe that one man's trash is another man's treasure and that you can find some really awesome steals at consignment shops! Even consignment sales!; Dickinson College does a consignment sale every summer once all the kids leave for break...those who are graduating or transferring and now longer need their things donate them to be sold at this sale. It's pretty awesome. Years back, I ended up getting a free rug because my friend bought one! 

Never knock something until you try it...and if you love saving money, thrift it up BABYYYYY! ✌