Saturday, January 14, 2017

Windows Is Shutting Down...

In an earlier post, I mentioned that one of my resolutions for this year is to disconnect more. Clearly, the hypocrisy is that I'm writing this blog post on my laptop...but I want to delve more into this topic.

I've noticed the expanding amount of time that I spend on my phone at "bedtime". I've also noticed how much it delays the time taken to actually fall asleep. Sure, my medication is a big culprit in that situation currently, but the fact that I'm constantly finding reasons to look at my phone at night is a big downfall. When I can't sleep, I look at my phone...and then, I find reasons to search this person or look up that celebrity or read this article or do that survey. Suddenly, what I thought may take 15 minutes becomes 2 hours and 47 minutes and it's midnight and I'm restless and my brain won't shut down.

This behavior is toxic.

This computer-savvy-smartphone-era is causing so many issues with every generation. It's not even just relationship issues; it's work issues, health issues, and even confidence issues. It seems like we feel we may die if we don't have internet access 24/7 and our phone on us at all times. We always have to have the latest-and-greatest and will put off Thanksgiving dinner to run to the store just to set up our new iPhones or expect Best Buy to be open Christmas Day to set up our new computers. It's ridiculous.

When I was a kid, computers weren't huge yet. We still played outside with the neighbor kids until dark. We had Sega Genesis and the original Nintendo ( that we were only allowed to spend an hour a day playing ), played The Oregon Trail on big boxy computers in 3rd grade and only the "well-to-do" people had car phones ( we used these prehistoric things called payphones to make calls away from home... ) Now, people of all ages are addicted to the little hand-held computers we all have known as "smartphones".

People literally lease their phones simply to have the best. LEASE. THEIR. FUCKING. PHONE!!! What ridiculousness!!

Young adults don't know how to communicate with the opposite sex. They meet and date on websites and then sit there on their phones throughout the entire dinner. 

I've had situations where I've gone to someone's house to see them and all they want to do is sit on their phone. So, what am I supposed to do? in turn, I get on my phone. Why would I drive an hour to see someone, simply to end up doing something that I could do at my OWN damn house?

Even those in their 50s and 60s are becoming internet-addicted. Facebook, POF, texting...our parents can be just as bad as the teenagers. 

It is affecting our health, our relationships and the way we view ourselves.

...and I'm getting sick of it.

And the most disgusting part about it is that I was laying in bed last night doing whatever I could to NOT pick up my phone and look at it...and it actually made me anxious. HOW PATHETIC IS THAT!? What could be so damn important on social media that it would cause me ANXIETY if I missed it?! It makes me ashamed of myself and ashamed at society as a whole that we are so addicted to something so...unimportant!

But you know what? I laid down at 8 pm last night ( I wasn't feeling well ) and I didn't cave in...I didn't look at my phone, and I fell asleep quite fast. And then, when I woke up this AM, I didn't even look at my phone for the was still dark, I fell back asleep and didn't pick that phone up until I was ready to get out of bed. That was the moment that I truly realized that I need to shut down for real. It's bad enough when your own MIND keeps you awake at night, but if you continue to stimulate it with Facebook/Instagram/Google/etc, that's not good.

So, I challenge really take a look at your personal habits when it comes to technology ( phone, computer, video games ) Is it healthy? Or is it consuming your life? Does the mere thought of missing out on something cause you anxiety? Do you consume your life with what so-and-so is doing instead of focusing on your own life? Really evaluate your patterns. And change them. Even if it's just small changes: try not to get on Facebook more than 2 hours a day total...delete some apps you don't really need...set a time of night where you don't start conversations/end conversations/put your phone down...set healthy boundaries for yourself so you can start living and stop worrying about a fucking electronic device to much...

Disconnect with technology and reconnect wit yo' DAMN self, y'all! 😜