Sunday, October 16, 2016

Treat Yo' Self 2016

( aka. Mallory Treats Me ) =P

Last Christmas/my 29th birthday, Mallory had talked about taking me to the spa as a gift. Through job changes and personal dilemmas, we never got the chance to do it. That was until this weekend! Treat Yo' Self 2016 commenced!

Mallory came to get me around 11 AM yesterday. From there, we drove to Hershey and found a cute little restaurant called Irv's Pub. We weren't searching for anything specific but I found it by searching my GPS for local spots. This place was adorable! The seating was so cozy and the atmosphere was classy, yet comfortable. The food is a tad on the pricier side ( my toasted everything bagel with salmon, cucumber and cream cheese was to be a nice $13... ) but I definitely recommend trying it. The don't have a very extensive menu but it was definitely a nice find and we both enjoyed it.

On the drive to the restaurant, I made a comment that "the only way this day could be better was if we could play with puppies"...and, wouldn't you know it, there is a pet boutique in Palmyra that also sells puppies! So, we stopped at Little Paws Dog Shop for about an hour after our "brunch" and played with about a dozen puppies! It. Was. AWESOME! 

Once we were done with our "puppy therapy", we were off to The Hotel Hershey to start our overnight spa retreat! We checked in, headed to our room and then immediately made our way to the Chocolate Spa. We were given a tour of the amenities, given a locker and then we robed up and headed to The Quiet Room to wait for Mallory to be taken back for her Deluxe Facial. They had snacks, water, coffee and tea...a balcony and plenty of cozy seating. I had a Hot Stone Massage at 5 PM and it was so fucking amazing...I could've had 827348273847 more! Haha! 

Once we both enjoyed our treatments, we headed to the room to order room service and watched the end of Bride Wars ( just because it was on ) Then we decided to head to the pool/hot tub for a dip. 

After our swim, we went back to the room and popped some bottles!, acted like girls, got tipsy, danced in our underwear and just chatted. It was such a great time!

We slept in this morning and then headed to the Cocoa Diner for some diner grub...our waitress was a.may.zing. After brunch, we then went and checked out the outlets for a bit before heading back home.

It was a fantastic little getaway that I'm so thankful she took me on...something I probably would've never done for myself, so it was definitely a wonderful treat.  Nonstop laughs, goofing off, and relaxation. And plenty of pictures to document! =)