Saturday, October 8, 2016

To A Tea...

If you read my blog, you already know that I suffer from anxiety. Because of this, I try to limit my caffeine intake to a maximum of a cup of coffee a day or one caffeine free diet soda. If I drink too much caffeine, it doesn't wake me makes me a jittery fucking mess. So, to supplement my desire to drink a ton of coffee, I opt for tea.

If you're not a tea drinker, you probably should be. And I'm not talking about iced tea!...jugs of store bought teas are full of sugars and harmful acids. They eat away the enamel on you teeth and stain them, also. In this instance, I'm talking about hot tea or loose-leaf teas.

There are many benefits to drinking hot tea. For one, tea contains less caffeine than coffee does. You can still have a warm beverage for your winter mornings without sacrificing your sanity for the rest of the day. And many teas taste great with a splash of milk.

Tea also contains antioxidants that help your immune system and your ability to fight off illness. Personally, I enjoy a nice spearmint tea ( which I'm actually drinking now! ) and it helps greatly if I have a sour stomach or simply just a sweet tooth. Tea is great at helping suppress hunger, also. There are many teas out there that boast weight loss "magic" but that's all bullshit...a nice green tea is helpful enough to hold off hunger for a bit.

Another surprising benefit of tea is that it can help to clot the blood. Green tea contains tannic acid which, when used after a tooth extraction, helps to absorb and stop bleeding. I like to make my patients aware of this little tidbit just in case they have heavier bleeding once their lidocaine wears off. 

If you go to any grocery store anymore, there are numerous types and flavors of tea anymore! I LOVE it! I just got this at Walmart the other day:
With a sprinkle of Splenda and a dash of milk, this is YUM! And it helps with my "pumpkin spice coffee" cravings. 

A few other favorites that I recommend:

* Plantation Mint ( a nice spearmint tea )
* Vanilla Chai - this is also great as a "latte"
* Lemon Zest - great for when you're sick
* the loose cinnamon tea from One Good Woman

+++ One Good Woman is a cute little shop located in downtown Camp Hill. A hygienist at my old office used to work their part-time and she would always bring the nicest coffees and teas into work for us girls. They have an amazing hot cinnamon tea there. I posted their link above if you've never been--it's a great place to get quality gifts for special occasions!+++

So if you're trying to be healthier, want to try new things or simply need an alternative to the extra 3 cups of coffee you may drink in a day...give some tea a try! There's a little something for everyone!