Monday, September 19, 2016


I was debating on whether or not to write a serious post today. I decided against it. So instead, I'd like to say that I was the August winner of the #luvmyframes contest at America's Best and I won a $250 voucher! :)

I've been a loyal customer of America's Best in Harrisburg, PA for years now. If you know me, you know I like a bargain...and if I can save money, I will try my damnedest. Years ago when I didn't have any vision insurance, I'd finally checked out America's Best after seeing their commercials. It seemed too good to be true: two pairs of eyeglasses and a free exam for $69.95. But it was true! And no tax! 

Now of course, you can upgrade the package: if you want more expensive frames, you can pay a little extra. And a few times a year, they have their Designer Sale where the cost of 2 pairs of higher end glasses are a little less. But for someone with single-vision lenses and no insurance, it can definitely save you a lot of money on glasses ( or even contacts! )

Well back in March I had gotten an eye exam and picked out new glasses. And of course ( like most girls ), I took some selfies and posted them on Instagram. When I hashtagged 'americasbest', I decided to take a look at other people who had also done so, and that's when I saw #luvmyframes. So, I decided to also use the hashtag. I mean, what did I have to lose? I already was going to be vane and post the pictures anyway...may as well add one more hashtag to my already 51512188784. 

I had forgotten all about the hashtags, until a few weeks ago I had gotten a DM on Instagram from myamericasbest stating that I was their August winner and to send them my mailing address. Lo' and behold, a few days later I received a voucher in the mail!

I went to their store about a week and a half ago and picked out my new frames. I decided since I had this voucher, it was a perfect opportunity to get prescription sunglasses! So after much searching, I settled on a new black pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses. It was also the Designer Sale so I picked something I would've never bought with my own money. I still spent about $75 out of pocket ( it was extra for the polarized lenses :/ ) but that's chump-change for what I got. 

I definitely splurged, but I got two pairs of RayBans. Sorrynotsorry. It wasn't so much the name, though; I thought that I was actually going to get off clear with this purchase. I didn't take into account the extra cost for polarized lenses. Seriously the entire stock of sunglasses were RayBan and I hated every single pair but this one. But hey, I won a contest...I got $250 I said "fuck it".

If I would've just gotten the sunglasses, I still would've paid over the $250, anyways...

So two things I walked away with:
1) Always try. If there's a contest or something that interests you, it never hurts to try. Of course, be careful of scams but seriously...what do you have to lose?
2) Instagram can be more beneficial than just getting 'likes' and compliments. You can win. free. shit.

The contest is still going on, so anyone who is an America's Best customer with a valid prescription can enter. 

Also, honestly, I would recommend them. I really do think you save a lot of money by going there--and they carry from high-end to low-end, so you can easily get a pair of nice, name-brand glasses and then a pair of crap-brand and only pay a little over $100. Even stupid eye insurance isn't that good!

Check'um out: ;)