Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hasselback Chicken, Ya'll!

On my way to work this morning I was thinking of blog topics and I had a really great one...but then I forgot it. It tends to happen a lot with me. Although it can be a burden, I have been blessed with a horrible memory. This way, I can forget a lot of details of things I don't care to remember BUT...I forget things like what I need to pick up from the store and when my doctor appointment may be. But ANYWAYS...

I've been trying to eat healthy for weeks now. Sure, I'm not at 100% clean eating, but I substitute 85% of my snacks for healthy options: light string cheese, celery sticks, Jell-O and I try to cook a healthy dinner every night. Even when I don't feel like cooking, I will. Tonight, I had Pound class from 5:30-6:30 so, it's going to be a late dinner. And sometimes, with a later dinner, you have to do a bit of improvising.
*side note: the video below shows exactly what Pound is if you aren't aware*

Especially when you're coming up on grocery day and your fridge is about bare, you have to be creative. That is when common sense and the help of Pinterest come into play! My ingredients tonight were limited, but I had at least purchased a large pack of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. So what could I make with those that isn't boring? And I chose hasselback chicken, with my own twist.

Mozzarella Hasselback Chicken

2 boneless, skinless chicken boobs ( or however many people you're feeding )
lowfat shredded moz cheese
1/2 fresh, medium sized tomato, sliced- per breast

( now, this is for my piece of chicken...Nate hates tomatoes )

So, this is how you cut your chicken boob:

Preheat your oven to 425* so that it's ready when you're done.

So, from here, you pretty much just stuff the slits of the chicken with whatever the hell you want: cheese, ham, veggies, pasta sauce, etc. I stuffed mine with shredded mozzarella cheese, topped with sliced tomato halves and then sprinkled a bit more cheese on top. Then I just topped with dried oregano. 

Make sure that you cover your pan before you place it in the oven to keep the chicken moist. Now, I don't usually go by "cooking time" because everyone's oven is different and I don't want you to burn your dinner. However long you cook your chicken usually...do that. I check mine periodically to see how it's coming along. 

Once you think that you have about 5 minutes left, uncover the chicken so that the cheese can brown. Cut into your boobie just to make sure that it's not pink...and then ENJOY!


Pair with your favorite veggie and a starch, if you so desire.

Simply, easy and ( mostly ) healthy! :)