Sunday, August 21, 2016

August Glam Bag

I just want to start by saying that I love the bag itself. I was hoping to get this one ( there were 2 prints for this month ) and I did! *yay* It is now my purse make-up bag...

As you've probably noticed, I received 6 items in this month's bag...I always make sure to rate my items on Ipsy's app to earn points. You cash in the points for extras in your bag each month; that's how I received the ZapZyt ( which is a full-sized bottle, BTW ) 

Now, on to the reviews:

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongogongo Lip Conditioner in Vanilla Coconut Cream
I am not a fan of coconut. I don't like the smell, I don't like the consistency...but if it's a mild taste ( like coconut shrimp *mmm* ) I like it. This lip balm is VERY mild. At first the smell is somewhat striking, but it makes your lips feel so smooth that I can tolerate it. The vanilla is less potent than the coconut is, but if you like coconut, you will love this balm.

It Hair Care 12-in-One Amazing Serum
I absolutely love getting hair serums in my bags, and this one is pretty baller. Although I ADORE the Chia by Trissoula hair serum, this takes a close second. I don't much like the scent of the Amazing Serum, but it makes my hair so soft and tames the frizz. It's thicker than the other serum, also, but it does the trick. You do have to wash your hands after using it because of the texture, but it's a good product that I would recommend.

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam
I know nothing about highlighting my face. The entire concept is foreign to me. So, who knows if I'm using this product correctly. But what I will say is that the Gleam 02 is a beautiful shade of peachy-pearl that's flattering to my fair skin. The shine is mild and not too overbearing. If you know how to use a highlighter, I'd recommend this product ( also, I really like Nyx brand: good quality, but inexpensive ) 

Ciate London Paint Pot in Dangerous Affair
Although I have no used the polish yet, I love deep reds and this burgundy color is beautiful! I've searched on Instagram and both shades that could be received this month are gorgeous. I always use a top coat over my nailpolish to help prevent chips. 

Beauty For Real I-Line Eyeliner in Black Magic
Eyeliner is a staple in my beauty bag and I feel like a girl can never have too much. This was a full-sized product so I was happy about that. As far as the eyeliner, it glides on smoothly and is nice and dark. It's a twist pencil but, instead of the grip because cylindrical it's actually triangular. This gives you a more steady hold for application. That is the first time I've encountered this, and it's very helpful. 

*ZapZyt Pore Treatment Gel's an acne medication. It helps prevent zits. What else can I say? can get it at Walmart.

All in all, I liked this month's bag. It was a nice mixture of products and, of course, I always like getting a "present" in the mail every month.

Again, if you're interested in receiving a monthly Glam Bag, you can join Ipsy by clicking the link!