Saturday, August 13, 2016

All That Is LuLaRoe

In a world full of Tastefully Simple, Scentsy and Jamberry...we now have a clothing line: LuLaRoe.

I first heard about this company around December of last year. I'd never heard the name prior to that ( even though, I guess, they've been around for a while ) A friend of a friend came to a bonfire wearing Christmas tree printed leggings and she was raving about how comfortable and soft they were. Now, these leggings were a little "loud" for my taste, but they were soft AF. She went on to briefly tell us how she got them...and after that, I never really thought about it again. 

Then last month, I was invited to a "pop up party" ( those new to the brand: a pop-up is a "online shopping day" where the consultant will post her inventory and then everyone invited gets to shop ) I was skeptical at first and had no intention of buying anything. Well, during a pop up they do "giveaways" to earn LuLa Cash towards purchases. I thought, "Why the hell not?"...and I ended up winning $10. So, even though leggings are $25/pair and I'd never tried a pair on before, I could easily validate getting $10 off of that and then if I didn't like them I could easily sell them or give them away. 

Well...I got them. One pair of leggings. And I FELL IN LOVE! 

Ladies, if you ever buy something from LuLaRoe, you need to purchase leggings. They come in prints AND solids, so if prints are too busy for you, you have the other option. But they are seriously the softest and most comfortable leggings ever. And they are SO FORGIVING! It's a yoga pant waistband ( so no elastic cutting into your stomach and making you look rolly ) AND the material doesn't thin as it goes on your body ( like your butt/thigh area ) so no pantie show-through! Annnnd, for as smooth as they are, cellulite doesn't show through, either. 

And guys, these are a GREAT gift for your ladies. You won't want to keep your hands off her ass in these leggings. 

But anyways...since I loved the leggings so much ( and I know with companies like this, if you have a party there are usually some perks ) I booked a pop-up with the lady that did the one I attended. And well, the perks of hosting a LuLaRoe party are quite nice.

1. When you host a party, you get 1 pair of free leggings. Your choice on print, BEFORE the party starts.
2. For every 10 items you sell, you get to pick an item for yourself free of charge. At my pop-up, I sold about 21 items ( including 2 I purchased myself ) so I earned 2 free items plus my free leggings.
3. When in-between a 10-item mark, you get a percentage discount. So I got about a 15% discount on what I had bought out-of-pocket. 

So altogether for a total of 5 items, with tax, I would've paid about $185. Instead, with my hostess rewards, I paid $57. I saved $128!!! And I got all of this:

And although ( so far ) I boast the company, I'm not saying that the shit isn't expensive. I wouldn't go to the store and pay $25 for leggings, or $48 for a dress. But there's just something about this company that women go batshit for. Some women pay hundreds of dollars for what ladies call a "unicorn".

A "unicorn" is a print that is no longer available in pop-ups. It's vintage or discontinued. Some leggings ( LEGGINGS, PEOPLE! ) go for $100 on eBay! I saw one lady posted a screenshot of a print that was going for FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS! I joined a buy/sell/trade group on Facebook of 63k ladies and you would not believe the banter and nastiness I've seen in only 2 days of being on there. These women go HAM and it's a little scary.

Ladies maxing out credit cards. Draining bank accounts. Getting themselves in debt over LuLaRoe. But it's not the companies fault. Addiction to shopping is serious and costly, and LulaRoe is definitely banking it in over the crazies that are out there.

Seriously though, if you have self-control and want some really comfortable leggings, there are LuLaRoe consultants EVERYWHERE. I will also probably be having another pop-up before Christmas if anyone is interested in an invite.

Happy Saturday, ya'll!

Social Media Stalking

Our generation is horrible when it comes to not being able to mind our own business. With so many social media outlets, there's information on anyone you could possibly imagine flying around everywhere. Whether you're purposely looking for it, or someone just so happens to pop up on "People You May Know..." the information is staring at us directly in our faces. And it's unhealthy. as. fuck.

Be it your ex lover, ex best friend, distant relative or the girl next can most likely find them. And I feel more teens and young adults are obsessed with "Facebook creeping" these days than what is probably normal. 

I'm not saying I'm any better; I am also a victim to all that is the social media highway to hell. It can eat away at us like an infectious disease. 
"Did they upgrade from me?"
"Are they really that happy?"
"Did he get fat?"
"I hope her boyfriend cheats on her..."
"Aww, she doesn't have any friends now."
Constantly stalking people from your past doesn't help you let go and only makes the wound last longer. It's like each time you check up on someone through social media, you're ripping off a scab and making yourself bleed again. So why do we do it?

We do it for validation. 

Did we make the right decision? Are they happier than we are? Did they get fat/skinny? We feel the need to validify the reasons why something didn't work out and to "make sure" we are better off than they are. So we look for pictures of them smiling, having fun, traveling, in love, etc. And in the end, all it does is bring up bad memories and makes us feel like shit. It makes us contemplate the "what ifs" and "why was I not good enough" or "why couldn't they have grown up when they were in my life". It makes us resentful. 

Before the internet, people would break up and pray to never have to run into them in public. Now, people split and they are checking their Instagram 738472398473 times a day. They make fake Facebook pages and post anonymous comments on their blogs. They bitch about them on Twitter and (hashtag) #overit. We aren't able to grieve the loss and move on because of tagged photos and status comments. 

But what we fail to realize is that just because they have a cute, smiley profile picture, it doesn't mean they're happy. Just because they lost weight, it does not mean that they're healthy. Just because they have professional "couples photos", it doesn't mean that they have a good relationship. Just because they post about being out at the club and have a dozen pictures with friends, it doesn't mean that they aren't lonely. Just because they had a child, it doesn't mean that their marriage isn't falling apart. Looks can be deceiving, and we fail to see that when we try to compare our lives to others. Keeping up with appearances is what social media is all about. We need to get back to focusing on ourselves and not our old best friend or our boyfriend from 5 years ago.

We need to learn to block, log off and shut down...