Monday, August 1, 2016

Paint Your Pet Night

Well, if you didn't already think I was a "crazy pug lady", you will after this post: I paid money to paint Lola! 

This was my very first Paint Nite ever. Fellow blogger ( and new friend ) Ellen Ross had done a picture of one of her chihuahuas about a month or so ago and I told her that she had to let me know when the next event came up. When I saw it on Facebook I knew that I just HAD to do it. $50 later, I was signed up.

Now, if you have a vagina and like wine, you probably know what a Paint Nite is. They hold them in bars or special studios. The one that I attended was actually called Paint & Create and is located in Lemoyne ( but there's also a studio on the East Shore, too ) I didn't bring wine because I didn't want to completely botch my picture of Lola so that she looked like a rock with eyes, but if I ever do a themed event...I will definitely be bringing a bottle with.

When you first walk in to a special Paint Your Pet night, you see this: 

( you email them a picture ahead of time for sketching )

They also have all of your base colors out for you, brushes, water, and paper towels. Apparently all canvases are hand-sketched using some type of projector prior to the event ( hence why it's pricier than the other Nites ) At first glance I'm like, "Oh this won't be so hard!"...well...haha!

I was the second-to-last one done...45 minutes after the "end time". Timed painting + lack of experience + perfectionism = slowasFUCK! 


The instructor was very helpful and did not make me feel stupid ( I told her I can do 3D art but, when it comes to 2D, I'm a fish out of water ) She showed me which colors to mix for what areas and showed me a shading technique that I cannot remember the term for. I felt bad for running so over, but I was glad I wasn't the very last one there!

But I'm pleased with the final product and for it being my very first masterpiece :) 

I will definitely be going to another event, but next time it'll be for something a little bit easier. Oh, and I need more friends! LOL.