Sunday, July 31, 2016

My New England Road Trip

My initial idea for this blog was to be a "how-to save money on vacation" type deal...but seeing as this was my first real vacation in a while and we spent way more than I probably would have liked, we are just going to keep it to how the trip actually went.

First stop: Holland Patent, NY
It was not supposed to be on the list, but our first AirBnB was a flake ( we will get into that ) and, since Nate had a coyote to drop off to this guy, we made it our first destination. This is a panoramic of the lodge we stayed in. Andy ( his client ) owns this lodge and about 484213878 acres of land around it. He let us stay here for free. After Nate hung the coyote for him, we just went for a simple dinner at the nearest Applebee's because it was convenient, then came back and walked a bit of the land. I had a fawn come within maybe 10 feet of me in a soybean field during our walk! It was awesome. We only stayed here one night but the area is beautiful and we definitely want to go back.

Second stop: Eliot, ME
I wanted to be as close to the border as possible, and by golly we were ( LOL ) Since I didn't want us to travel all the way to Portland, I thought that Kittery, ME sounded like a nice little town that would still have plenty of seafood and coastline. So I did a search on AirBnB to try to find a place, and that's where I found Drew's listing:

This was the room we were supposed to have; king-sized Sleep Number mattress, full PRIVATE bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub for $60/night. I was like, "This is awesome!" and sent a booking request right away. Well, I should've just stopped there when his shadiness started. From Jump Street, this guy was kind of a shithead...but he had good reviews and he was RIGHT where I wanted to be. At first, he wouldn't "approve" my booking. He said that he "had me in his books" and that we could take care of it when I arrived. That's my first mistake ( I'm new at this site! ) I asked him questions on their message app that he would completely dismiss, like if he wanted payment by cash or card when I got there. No answer. But I rolled with it. Thursday before the trip comes along, and this motherfucker messages me 3 days before I'm leaving and tells me he has a M-F tenant staying in that room and he needs to move us. I'm thinking, "Ok...NBD...seems his house is nice and big, not a problem"...until he tells me it's a queen-sized bed in his living room that's made "private" from hanging sheets. WHAT THE FUCK!? So we are already so close to vacation time, and we decide we can do at least one night in this situation. So, Monday rolls along...we leave NY and head to ME...5+ hours...we get there...the house is a mess one answers the door when we get there...I finally get a hold of Drew and he tells me he'll be there in 15...and when that fucker shows up, he tells us that the "room we were going to be put in is a mess, so we'll be much more comfortable in the camper"...EXCUSE ME!? I went from an awesome private master suite to a bed in the living room to a camper?! It's one thing if I booked KNOWING I was going in a camper ( and it really wasn't that bad to be honest ) but to go from one spectrum to the other is shady business. He was a fast-talking dickbag that knew we wouldn't find anything last minute on the coast for even close to the $50 CASH he charged us. This means that asshat gets people off the website and then charges them under the table so that he can make all the profit. And the house is gorgeous but he lives like a bachelor. I was pissed.

But now that my rant is over, Kittery was wonderful. We ate fresh lobster for the first time ( for both of us ) at Warren's Lobster House and it was delish...and such a good time. And then the following day we hit up The Kittery Outlets where I got a new Coach bag ( since my strap broke ) 

Third stop: Malden, MA
I chose Malden because it's smack-dab in the middle of Salem and Boston. We stayed here for 2 nights, so pretty much the day we arrived we just took it easy. We went to dinner at a nice Japanese place right in the city, checked out a local lake with a park, and then got a few drinks at Patrick's in town. I'm pretty sure my Captain and diets were made 90/10 and after 3 I was ready for food and bed.

On Wednesday, we headed to Salem. I wanted to check out the Salem Witch Museum and just see the town, so we did that. I enjoyed it...I also learned that the witch trials were a lot bigger in England and a lot less in Salem. Although over 150 people were accused of being witches there, only 20 people died and the trials were very short lived. They went through the story and then had a small museum based on the stigma of witches. It was interesting.

We also stopped in Gloucester, MA where I guess a lot of the guys from a show called Wicked Tuna weigh-in their fish. It's also where The Perfect Storm was shot and/or based. It was very pretty, and we stopped at a great restaurant called Mile Marker One while we were there. The burger was amazeballs!

Thursday was our Cape Cod bus trip. It became a mess from the beginning. GPS stated that we were 25 minutes from Boston--in the morning it said 35. We left early; we actually left a little after 8:00 AM to be there with time to spare by 9:30. That's over an hour to reach the transportation building. Well, we were the last ones there...holding up the bus...for an additional 10+ minutes. The traffic in Boston is fucking horrendous! I don't know how people drive in that shit daily. Luckily, the driver was nice and we weren't too off schedule. He drove us from Boston to the Cape and we visited the Kennedy Memorial and did a boat ride to see the shorelines and the Kennedy Compound. After that, we toured the town of Hyannis and then stopped in at the Sandwich Glass Museum. They did a glassblowing demonstration for us and then we headed back. 


When we got back to the city, we left IMMEDIATELY. We couldn't get out of Boston fast enough. We ended up just getting a cheap hotel for the night and then headed out in the late morning.

Last stop: New Haven, CT
I pretty much just came here to see Meg. Haha. Our plan was to see her Thursday, but with her work schedule it was best on Friday. We stayed right on the outskirts of the city in a nice little neighborhood. We took a nap and then when Meg got off work we went for dinner at a sushi place called Wasabi. She then took us to a beautiful pier called Parker Memorial Park. It started to rain as soon as we got there, but it didn't last we had the chance to see the sunset and take a few pictures:

We finished up the night by getting ice cream at a place called Ashley's. Then it was back to the BnB for bed and an early departure.

We got back to good ole Pennsylvania yesterday around noon. I took a nice, needed nap and then it was back to reality with grocery shopping and dinner. 

All-in-all, I had a good vacation...and aside from the first AirBnB experience I would recommend it to anyone trying to save money in lodging expenses ( so you have more play money ) My other 2 were great; barely saw them, private rooms, air conditioner, cable. It worked out nicely.

But, even though vacation was nice, I'm glad to be back home and with my PUG! LOL.