Friday, July 8, 2016


Racists don't just wear white robes. They wear badges. They wear military uniforms. They wear jean shorts and Polo shirts. She's the little old lady down the road. He's the homeless man living in a tent by the bridge. Racism is everywhere, no matter what color your skin is.

The video of the shooting of Alton Sterling is breaking the internet. Social media is blowing up with "Black Lives Matter" and the back-and-forth banter of Alton vs. The Police. Bystanders hiding behind their computer screens trying to justify the actions of both parties. But guess what guys?: we were not there. We don't know what really happened. All we have to base our opinions on is 1) a shitty cellphone video and 2) the reality that the victim was black and the cops were, well, white. It was a traumatizing video, and honestly, I don't feel it should have been shared with the world. To literally watch a man die on the ground is sensitive material. But so many opinions all over gives me a headache. I just need to give my two cents.

Racism is real. It's disgusting and sad's real. America is full of racists, and it's NOT just blacks against whites. We are ALL labeled. And I SEE the injustice. I SEE the stupidity and the fact that it is unnecessary. People love to hate other people. But the fact that it becomes a media sensation when it's a battle between two different races is ridiculous, when there is black-on-black crime daily and ( I'm pretty sure ) many serial killers have been predominately white males. People want a reason to state why they are "right", and want to judge people based on the decisions they made in a situation that they know nothing about. 

Shitty people are going to be shitty people, whether they work for the law or not. A badge doesn't change anyone's viewpoints. Just like teachers fuck students and women are raped on a regular basis; bad people do bad things. You can point fingers all you want but it's not going to change anything. 

I'm not saying that Alton deserved to die. I'm not saying that he wasn't innocent or that he wasn't the victim of a hate crime. I'm also not saying that the cops are to blame. I'm not saying that they planted a gun in his pocket or that they shot him for no reason. What I AM saying is that this is a delicate situation that I know nothing about, thus not allowing me to make any judgment on the decisions of the involved parties. I know cops are to be held to a higher standard but, again, you can't make a shitty person a decent human being just because of the label they carry. What I WILL agree on is the fact that people feel they must fear cops when their intended duty is to keep the population safe. That is not how it should be by any means.

Women are a minority just like other races. You think I don't have to worry when I'm walking a street alone? You don't think attractive women fear being pulled over by the wrong cop and having something degrading happen to them? Do you know how many women have been murdered simply by meeting the "wrong guy", either on a dating site or even at the local grocery store? 

And look at the Orlando Massacre?! This was not just racism of Muslim against "American", but also prejudice against gays. SO many innocent lives lost all over hate. And it seems that each time something tragic like this happens ( which seems to be a lot more as of late ), it only causes more hatred and puts an even bigger wedge against us as people. 

You may read this and immediately think "white privilege" nonsense and say that I don't understand...and you're right. I don't understand some of the prejudice that other races deal with. But I grew up lower-middle class, country and even white people judge that. Everyone has a fucking opinion, and you're never going to change that. People need to be intelligent enough to make their own decisions about people and see beyond color.  

Let's stop making everything about race; horrible people carry no specific skin tone. We ALL bleed red. Chalk it up to the fact that some people truly just want to watch the world burn...