Sunday, July 3, 2016

Posh Pittie Bakery

Posh Pittie Bakery is a homemade pet treat company located in Cumberland County, PA. The owner just so happens to be my friend Mandy. And with Lola's birthday being last month, Mandy gave us a bunch of goodies to try out, and the girls loved taste-testings Lola's presents :) 

BP Maple Bacon, PB Molasses, Woofles

Now, I will tell you - some of these snackies look good enough for HUMAN consumption...and technically, with the small list of real ingredients that these treats are made with, you could eat them ( but I recommend leaving that to your pups ) Both biscuits have a short list of ingredients that you can actually pronounce and are good to keep in the bag or in a treat jar. The Woofles are best kept in the refrigerator until eaten, just for freshness sake. All my dogs inhaled all three varieties and Haley even wanted to take the Woofle container with her: 

Gimme that back!

Posh Pittie Bakery also does cakes, which is great if you're a crazy dog person like me and tend to celebrate your doggy's birthday's. The cakes come just like they would from a regular bakery; in a cake box, on a cake board. Enough to share at a "party" or to give as treats for a few days. Again, all simple ingredients that are safe for dogs:

So if you're looking for homemade treats that have simplistic ingredients and are safe for your canine companions, check out Posh Pittie Bakery either through Facebook or the Etsy shop!


Disclaimer: this is an unpaid review on Posh Pittie Bakery dog treats - just trying to get the word out on an awesome product by an awesome person and avid dog-lover. She also does cat treats!