Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mr. Pretentious

I'm really fucking sick and tired of reading the bullshit and the judgments and the banter. Who and/or what gives you the right to determine if someone is living the "correct" way or not?! Why is it that you feel that only your way is the right way?! It grinds my MOTHER-FUCKING GEARS!...

And may I ask what you're doing with your life...? You may have "escaped" but you're not really living, now are you? You may be "seeing" things, but you aren't experiencing them. So what's holding you back? You have all these high expectations of other people but, what the fuck are you doing with your time on Earth?

You may not want the conventional way of life but, guess what, some people DO want that. You don't want to get married?...cool. You don't want children?...lots of people are opting out. You want to travel?...go for it. But don't stick your nose in the air and talk down to people for what they want to do. Bullying and bullshitting isn't going to make people change or think the way that you do...it's only going to piss people off. Like me.

I've heard the spiel time and time again. Directed either towards me or about others. I'm tired of it. 

Not everyone wants to travel. It's scary. It's intimidating. It's expensive. Sure, it's nice to see new things...but soon, new things become old things. Homesickness kicks in. I love to venture to new places every now and again, but after a few days I do literally get homesick. I really don't think I could ever travel out of the country and enjoy it the entire time. I give kudos to those who pick up and backpack through other countries while sleeping on strangers' couches and taking odd jobs to barter for a meal...but that's not me. It's not for everyone, and that's okay.

Some people WANT to get married. Even those hipster vegans who live off the land and don't shower just want to be loved. What is WRONG with wanting to spend your life with someone? To wake up next to a living, breathing person who at any moment can grab you and pull you close to them? Someone to come home and talk about your day with. Someone to share experiences with and who will love you no matter how much of a bitch you may be sometimes. Someone to cook dinner with and laugh with and cry to when you're sad. Someone to care for you when you're sick and to make the day-to-day just a little more worth it. It's not about needing someone, but about enjoying someone. And those who are a product of divorce find solace in marriage and children. When you haven't grown up with a healthy, loving relationship you tend to want that as an adult. And that's not a sin. Even before my parents divorced, I wanted to be a wife and mother someday. Some things change, and some things don't.

If people want to reproduce, let them. Without judgment. Don't you get pissed when people have a cow about you not wanting children? So why is it okay for you to judge others for wanting them? That's not fair and total bullshit. Just like with animals; there's always going to be an overabundance and there's always going to be ones left unwanted: why should a couple suffer because of another person's choice by being told they shouldn't have children? Why is having kids considered "settling"? Why do you think the "American dream" is a cop-out? 

You're allowed to have an opinion, but so is everyone else. It doesn't make it wrong, but it doesn't make it right either. Hopefully someday you will realize that people are going to do what they want no matter what you may "believe" they should be doing...and it's shitty that you think so highly of yourself that only your ideals are correct. 

You're smarter than that ( but not smarter than everyone... )