Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Big Bad Bathroom Debate

Seriously, if I hear one more bigoted remark about transgenders in bathrooms, I'm going to flip. a. lid.

I'm sorry America, but you've been sharing a bathroom with the trans community for far longer than this topic has been of mass discussion. And to NOW make it an issue is absolutely absurd.

Look, I've seen some very feminine male-to-female trans and some very masculine females ( and seriously, look online once: it's CRAZY how much can be done medically and cosmetically anymore! ) and, I'm sorry, I don't feel that a man who looks VERY much like a woman is going to be safe going into a "men's room" simply because she was BORN a male. Awha?? Do you know how many backwards, hillbilly, Bible-thumping a-holes are going to use God as an excuse to lay a smack down on someone like that?! Homophobes. Punks. Thugs. Men out to prove something. Plus, how are people going to even know? Are we going to have to start showing our birth certificates before we can use any public restroom?!

I just read an article and partially watched a vlog about a young girl who was verbally accosted in a Walmart bathroom. Apparently, another woman saw her come into the restroom and told her "you don't belong in here". Now this is a GIRL, who was born A. GIRL. but just happened to have a short hair cut. CLEARLY you could tell this girl had breasts. Not implants, but breasts. But this ignorant lady thought that this poor girl was a trans boy. And you know what she did? She made that poor girl feel like shit. She may have held her head high, but it doesn't feel good for a girl to be assumed she's not who she is. So does this mean that this entire uproar is just going to cause more judgment and bullying of the APPROPRIATE sexes, also?! 

Some people are claiming that this is going to assist perverts in being, well, perverted. And to that I say...bad people are bad people and they're going to do whatever the hell they want to no matter the consequence. I don't see HOW segregating people is going to alleviate that. If a guy wants to rape a girl, he's going to do it one way or fucking "bathroom law" is going to change that. You think that same sexual offender wouldn't just sneak in when he knows the coast is clear, hide out in a stall and take his victim...without having to wear a dress? You think it won't be obvious if a fully-bearded biker dude walks into a woman's restroom wearing hot shorts and a spaghetti strap? It's not going to make things any worse or any better. This is just another reason for people to get their panties all in a bunch and just have something else to bitch about.

Society has become a bunch of pussifieded sissy-babies. We are sue-happy ( who the HELL sues Starbucks for putting "too much ice" into an iced drink?! ) Everyone has a negative opinion about everything. You know what?...just mind your own! Why is it that people STILL feel the need to bring others down just to bring themselves up?! WHY do some people have the mentality that they are FAR superior to others? It's sickening. What happened to compassion? Why do we lack it so much? It's unfortunate when you have to search for happy stories amongst all the bad in the world just to slightly restore some faith in humanity.

I say to use the restroom you feel comfortable in. If you feel you were meant to be a female and you were born a boy, you dress and act female and you're minding your own business, piss wherever the hell you want. The same for women. Why should a trans female have to go into a men's room that only contains urinals and use the restroom, while OBVIOUSLY looking like a female? I fear for the safety of people who just want to be WHO THEY ARE. Look at the violence against gays and blacks and animals and anything people see as "not right"...

You may not agree with me, but you don't have to. I'm not telling you that you HAVE to. All I'm saying is that I wish the world was just a LITTLE less judgmental and harsh, and a little more loving and compassionate. Making lakes out of streams. But I guess that's too much to ask, huh...?