Saturday, May 14, 2016

FAT Girl Shopping in 2016

I hate clothes shopping. I absolutely despise it. And for a fat girl with an hourglass shape, these tits are the pits...and so are the options.

It seems if you are not under a size 10, your pickins' are slim. Unless, of course, you want to purchase mom jeans and Nautica t-shirts that my grandmother would wear. I'm 29; I'm not about to wear mom clothes ( also because I am in fact NOT a mother ) And the styles today are not flattering to heavy women. 

Now I am jaded. For a long time I was a steady 130 and a size 9/10. I could wear cute clothes; I couldn't AFFORD them but I could fit in them. This was the era where I THOUGHT I was fat. And now, 6 years later, I AM fat.
 *side note: only I am allowed to call myself that-not cruel bitches that feel they need to judge me*
Due to losing a great job to outsourcing, dating an alcoholic that thought a proper date was hanging at the local bar every night, lack of funds and just utter depression, I've been fighting for years to take the 60 pounds off that I have gained since 2010. But weight loss is not a fast process. I've conquered, I've fallen off the wagon, and now I am ( not so happy to say ) 195 pounds of it-is-what-it-is right now. 

So to work with what I got, I have to adapt. And my biggest kickers are the clothes they EXPECT me to wear. I'm not quite plus-sized, but it's hit or miss with XL. I like the looks in the junior section but I fit better in the women. It's a frustrating battle of trying to dress for my current body type, because even with a fitness goal, it is a long process to take off the weight I want to and I can't be running around naked until then. 

I have been to a few clothing stores within the last couple of days and I've come across a few 'WTF's that I'd like to share:

Who the hell thinks it's a good idea, or that a fat girl would WANT, to wear a crop top?!
I'm all about "embracing your body type". If you're happy in your skin, that's awesomesauce. I am not. That should, of course, not hinder anyone else. Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT ME SAYING FAT GIRLS SHOULD NOT WEAR CROP TOPS! But-I AM saying that usually overweight girls, especially teenagers, are insecure about it because society deems it to be "disgusting". Now, I don't think girls should be wearing band tees and baggy pants to hide their bodies, but who wants to accentuate an area of the body that you're not too happy with by wear half of a top?? I'm pushing 30 and I don't want to, fat or not. This crop top fad is aimed pretty much to thin girls and I feel they just make them in larger sizes because "they have to". Well, I for one don't want to purchase any of your fucking crop tops...can you please go back to making longer shirts!?

Pants. Fucking. Suck.
I swear to Allah that no two clothing stores have the same sizes in women's pants. It's infuriating as hell! I could wear a 4 in one brand and a 9 in another when I was younger. WHAT sense does that make? And now that I'm, unfortunately, in the double digits, if a size runs smaller, I have to go even FURTHER up in the size. What woman wants to do that?! I would love for women to have their sizes like men: measurement of hips. Fucking take ONE measurement and you can fit allthepants. But no. You have to go to a store, try on a size you THINK you are and possibly leave in tears because you have to go up 1 to 2 sizes in that brand. It's ridiculous. 

Buying clothing online is a no-no.
Website measurements are bullshit. It is very rare that I order something online and it fits me well. It's either too big/too small/too short. Unless you are buying something that you already have one of in your closet, I suggest you go to the store and try it on. Some materials, cuts and colors are just not your friend, hunnie. 

I love dresses, but...
...I have a hard time finding something flattering. With a short torso, small legs, wide hips and ginormous boobs, dresses are few and far in between. They can fit great in the hips but then are super loose on the girls, and vice versa. Length is always an issue, also, when you're short. You want a dress to be fitted by not SO fitted that people can count your rolls of skin and make a game of it for their table while you're at dinner. You should never look like a sausage in a casing...ever.

So pretty much, it's an endless battle to "dress for your size" when you're fat. It's not fun. I've been fighting the good fight for years and it's not easy. Shopping makes it even harder. You want to look nice but you also don't want to break the bank. And although I don't have too much that I like wearing, I have found a few stores that carry cute, well-fitted merchandise.

1. In New York & Co., I can wear a large top. EGO BOOST. A lot of the tops have nice flow, are a nice length and you can dress them up or down. I've never really shopped here much, but they do have some good sales. There is an outlet at Capital City Mall now.
2. Charlotte Russe is a store that I haven't shopped
 in for years because of their sizes, but I've realized now that they are starting to integrate a small "plus-size" section at the malls in Camp Hill and York. 1x tops are still slightly big on me and some are not-so-flattering, but they are cute. I just bought 2 pairs of shorts there today that I'm very pleased with.
3. Ross Dress for Less is a hit-and-miss for me; I can't really purchase anything in the junior section anymore because an XL there is like a size M. But you really have to pick through the women section because, well, I don't want to wear old lady tops. Sorry, not sorry.

In conclusion ladies, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL...and it's a real pain in the ass. 

PS. I love Victoria's Secret underwear =P

Catch ya on the flip side!