Friday, May 13, 2016

I Got My First IPSY Glam Bag...

For a while now, I've been hearing about these "glam bags" from a company called Ipsy that are becoming quite popular. And I'm not going to lie...even though I was intrigued, at the time I did not have the disposable funds to partake in anything that was going to require a $10/month payment. I guess you can compare it to a magazine subscription, but $12/yr for Cosmo isn't shit compared to the $120/yr for Ipsy ( although, when you pay for a full year upfront, they take off $10... ) ANYWAY...

For anyone who may be living under a rock, Ipsy had this baller idea to have customers pay a monthly fee and they would send out a "bag of the month" that contains 5 products that they think you would enjoy. They base this information off of an introduction survey that you take when you first sign up. This information contains questions about your complexion and eye/hair color, and the type of "look" you aim for when using cosmetics. 

So each month you get a new bag of swag. And us ladies are EATING IT UP! I was unsure if I'd actually like it at first because a ) my make up is fairly simple and 2 ) I know like NOTHING about "how to make up". If you asked me how to contour, I'd look like Bozo the Clown. I just NOW started dabbling with "trying" to pencil my eyebrows, and I'm not even sure I'm doing that right. This was the reason I decided to try this out; since I'm not very versed on specialty make up brands and I'm too scared to try anything too daring ( plus, a "Naked" palette of eyeshadow for $54 is absurd to me... ) So far, I am NOT DISAPPOINTED!

Trissola Chia Smoothing Oil
I've been trying to use oils in my hair for about 6 months now to relieve dryness and help with fly-aways. So far I've only used Moroccan oil. I tried this Smoothing Oil last night after my shower. 
1. It smells ABSOFRUITLY amazeballs!
2. It left NO sticky residue on my hands after applying.
3. I had smooth, frizz-free hair all day.
I really liked this oil and I think I will be purchasing more once this one is used up. 

Vera Mona Eye Smudger Brush
I don't know what to say about this brush. I'm still learning how to use each brush for it's intended purpose and the proper way, but I will say this little brush is super soft and precise.

Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish
I have yet to try this polish, but a fellow Instagrammer commented saying that she used it yesterday and hasn't yet had a chip. I like the color, but it's slightly...vibrant?...and not something you'd want to wear to a job interview.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo
I use BareMinerals bronzer because it came with a start up kit that I bought years ago; I have never really worried about trying anything else. I used the lighter color in this duo and it looks GREAT with my skin tone. I actually wore some of it to work today and it lasted ALL DAY! I want to attempt to contour with the bronzer side one of these days, but it will be on a Sunday when I'm watching Netflix and wearing Hello Kitty pajama pants and no one can see me.

IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner
If you know me, you know I. LOVE. EYELINER. I was super psyched to see this in my bag ( I peeked; I previewed my bag early because I was too eager ) This eyeliner is boss. It glides on smoothly and it's dark ( like my soul ) I wore it for the last 2 days and have had awesome results. I like dark eyeliner since my eyes are hidden behind glasses 99% of the time, and this liner looks like a liquid when on, but is a solid roll-up stick. I like it a lot. I forgot I had it on yesterday and rubbed my eye and I didn't even get eyeliner on my finger! THAT is a first.

( here I'm wearing the IT Cosmetics gel liner and the Jelly Pong Pong bronzer )

So ladies, if you're looking to get a little goodie in the mail monthly, have no idea what you're doing when it comes to make up and you want a little help, you simply LIKE make up, or you just wanna spend some money, I highly recommend a subscription with Ipsy. You can pay monthly for as long as you want and cancel anytime! It's a fun little something for yourself and I'm totally glad I tried it...

Try it out for yourself! Just follow this link:

Until next time!