Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why I "Overlove" Pets

I know that when I talk about Lola, some people roll their eyes and scoff. They say things like, "You're obsessed with your dog" or, they just laugh. These people...are not truly dog people. If they were, I wouldn't have to explain myself. I wouldn't get the eye rolls and the giggles and the blatantly ignorant remarks when I speak of my dog like my child. I choose to love this way and it should be respected. Just because my "child" has four legs and fur doesn't mean my love means any less.

Growing up, I was obsessed with cats. My mother was a cat person and I remember going to the school library and checking out books on cat breeds and just reading for hours. We had dogs and cats when I was a kid ( and apparently, even a ferret when I was super small ) so animals were always around. But I think I truly fell in love when I got Lola.

I got Lola back in August of 2007 at 2 months old. I remember we went to the pet shop ( I was 20/21 at the time and not as informed as I am now, so please do not judge ) and we played with her and her sister. Her sister was so full of energy and all over us, while poor little Lola just sat in the corner all shy and afraid. I immediately knew that I wanted her. So we signed the papers, got the essentials, and took her home. 

And of course, like whenever you get a puppy, you deal with the crying. The mistakes on the floor. Debating on whether you're going to let them up on the bed/couch/your favorite recliner. But then you look at them and they are just so damn cute and you give them whatever the hell they want.

Then me and the ex that I purchased her with broke up. I took Lola with me when I moved back home for 3 months and awaited my new apartment to become vacant. It would be my first time living 100% on my own. I was 21 years old. It was a bad break up and I was thankful to have a loyal companion with me to help ease the blow. She snuggled me every night and was my little shadow. It was the first of many sad stories, but surely not the last.

Lola has been with me through break-ups and moves, through loss of friends and loss of jobs, she's snuggled me when I've cried and she's made it so that I've never slept alone. I can cuddle this puggle like a stuffed animal throughout the night easilyand she loves it up. Anyone who meets this little furball immediately loves her. She loves to get lovies ( especially from menfolk ) and loves to beg for some of your food with her big, bulgy eyes and the tip of her tongue ( not so ) gracefully sticking out of her mouth. She snores when she sleeps and she sheds like no tomorrow. But she loves...and she loves with everything she has. She doesn't know any other way. The unconditional love from a dog is something that you would never get from a human. You don't truly know love until you love a dog.

You can say that makes me weird, or dumb, or whatever. But Lola will never grow up to be a teenager who tells me that shes hate me. She'll never get into drugs or start hanging with the wrong people. She'll never get knocked up at 15 and make me a grandmother ( but that's a story for another day ) And what about the less-fortunate who are simply infertile? Do you feel it is okay to judge them for loving an animal since they cannot actually have a child? So why is it okay to judge me for my choice? Why do you laugh and look at me like I'm insane for loving a living, breathing creature that does have emotions like pain, happiness, shame? 

My name is Jenn. I'm obsessed with my puggle and I'm not sorry.